The Saber a K'nex Rifle





Introduction: The Saber a K'nex Rifle

I was challenged on one of my YouTube videos to build a sniper/ hunting rifle as there aren't any good non model rifles on instructables! The person basically said that I have no talent and bet that I couldn't build such a weapon! I proved him wrong!! (I removed the comment)

The saber fires blue rods with surgical precision (for a K'nex gun XD) And partially hidden inside its gorgeous framework is an 8 round fixed mag to give added firepower!


Range: 55 ft

Mag: fixed 8 rds

Ammo: blue rods or smaller

Sights: custom built iron sights

Body: 7 layers thick max comfortable grip

Length: 3ft 1 inch

Cut rods: yes

Cut connectors: yes

Instructions: I doubt it

YouTube link:

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    "there aren't any good non model rifles on instructables!" Totally not true. How about the NAR, the TR8, and the ZKAR ( -three venerable rifles that have stood the test of time? Those are just a few of the good non-model rifles that have been posted over the years. BTW, nice looking rifle there.

    I think he meant like traditional looking rifles like this that are not modeld after something.

    Add the Z35 and Sweet Revenge to that list.
    The Z35 is one of the most sturdy, versatile, magazine-fed rifles around, even after >6 years.
    The Sweet revenge is great in its simplicity, allowing newer k'nexers to have a working gun, with removable magazines and some customizability to learn more about k'nex guns.

    Loos really smooth, I like it

    can you please make instructions for it?? i love this one

    Wow a great looking gun! Also I think Lucas the boss has built a k'nex hunting rifle =P. Anyway it looks really good =)=)=)