I was challenged on one of my YouTube videos to build a sniper/ hunting rifle as there aren't any good non model rifles on instructables! The person basically said that I have no talent and bet that I couldn't build such a weapon! I proved him wrong!! (I removed the comment)

The saber fires blue rods with surgical precision (for a K'nex gun XD) And partially hidden inside its gorgeous framework is an 8 round fixed mag to give added firepower!


Range: 55 ft

Mag: fixed 8 rds

Ammo: blue rods or smaller

Sights: custom built iron sights

Body: 7 layers thick max comfortable grip

Length: 3ft 1 inch

Cut rods: yes

Cut connectors: yes

Instructions: I doubt it

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/247qDDveI9s

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<p>&quot;there aren't any good non model rifles on instructables!&quot; Totally not true. How about the NAR, the TR8, and the ZKAR (https://www.instructables.com/id/KNEX-Review-NAR-TR8-ZKAR/) -three venerable rifles that have stood the test of time? Those are just a few of the good non-model rifles that have been posted over the years. BTW, nice looking rifle there.</p>
I think he meant like traditional looking rifles like this that are not modeld after something.
That's EXACTLY what I meant!
<p>Add the Z35 and Sweet Revenge to that list.<br>The Z35 is one of the most sturdy, versatile, magazine-fed rifles around, even after &gt;6 years.<br>The Sweet revenge is great in its simplicity, allowing newer k'nexers to have a working gun, with removable magazines and some customizability to learn more about k'nex guns.</p>
<p>Loos really smooth, I like it</p>
can you please make instructions for it?? i love this one
<p>Looks great!</p>
Wow a great looking gun! Also I think Lucas the boss has built a k'nex hunting rifle =P. Anyway it looks really good =)=)=)
<p>Awesome! I would definitely build this if you put instructions up :P</p>
<p>This is AMAZING! I was amazed that it could get 55ft. I really really really hope you post instructions. Keep up the amazing work.</p>
Your best gun yet. Great job! Favorited!
I couldn't agree more! This is by far my favorite and best looking gun of all times!

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