Step 27: The completed Board

Picture of The completed Board
The board is now complete.

It is compared with the original plan. I have made a few changes, mainly because it was simpler to route the traces that way.

It is essential to record changes because of the possibility of confusion later when using the board.

In this case, some traces pass under the chip and it is not easy to ascertain the order of the signals at the edge just by looking.

Documentation is essential and will take the form of signal names written right on top of the signal lines.

To make a second board you have to do all this all over again - This process is recommended only if you are making a single piece of a circuit, for which conventional prototyping methods are inconvenient.

I hope all this has been useful to someone out there.

I hope to be seeing a few projects on hand carved, salt water etched boards here in instructables in the near future.

Have Fun
Many thanks for all this.  You have got me really motivated and I will be having a go asap.  Great stuff.