Step 2: Cut your cord!

Picture of Cut your cord!
Measure from your hand to your nose and cut.
BUT WAIT! If you have huge wrists or you make loose bracelets add some more length to the cord before you cut it.

After you cut those 2 differently colored strands, get one color (Black is the best for most bracelets) and measure the circumference of you wrist and then multiply by two.  (just wrap your cord around your wrist two times)  Then add some more string so that you will be able to tie a knot.
Schmidty8504 years ago
Where do you buy your paracord from?
building king (author)  Schmidty8504 years ago
Army surplus stores, or online. Just google paracord. But make sure it ships close to where you live because the shipping might cost more than the paracord.
I get mine on Amazon. Seller: Our School Spirit has a lot of dope colors and you can get 100 ft. for around $10. Check out rainbow if you look. It looks better in person but it's an awesome colored paracord
Schmidty8504 years ago
how am i holding my hand,
out in front
behind me
in the air, how?
building king (author)  Schmidty8504 years ago
Wait, what part are you talking about? The weave? Measuring your wrist?
measuring for the length of cord "Measure from your hand to your nose and cut."