Step 3: Start weavn'

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Okay, this next step is kind of hard to explain in words.  It is a very "visual" kind of instructable, so all the instructions are in the pictures.

First step:  Tie any not you want, (monkey's fist, overhand, etc.) just so that you don't have to melt the ends together in the middle of the bracelet.

If you wanted to get the optional string, tie it to something secure, (Tree, table leg, chair leg, etc.) and then tie your not at the end so the string won't fall off.

I forgot to show you how to start it!  pretty much just cross two cords so one is coming out the back and one is coming out of the front, then tie it off and then start weaving with the long ends. (first picture)

Look at the pictures and the picture notes to get the instructions.
If you will number the strands it will help explain the weave. Basically in the middle you are making an X though one strand goes under on one side and then on the other side it goes over then you make the X and do the opposite if say the yellow went under then after the X is formed you would fold it back over the strand. I made my 1st one with a side release buckle and started the same way you do a survival bracelet. I hope this helps. I think I have seen some videos on Youtube over this bracelet that helped me to understand it. I hope this helps
BladePitts3 years ago
also the instruction about tying the braided string off is very vague, could you elaborate?
BladePitts3 years ago
i still am not seeing how you start the braid. would a video be possible maybe?
Dread_Neck3 years ago
so youll need four pices of cord for this step? the two short ones are tied to gether and the longer ones are for the weave?
bmcgehee3 years ago
Any idea how to do this with a slide release buckle?
HVahead3 years ago
so this is a kind of modified french braid...?
building king (author)  HVahead3 years ago
Um, kind of. You are actually only "braiding" two cords. The other two, the short black cords, are only there to keep the weave together. If you look at it even closer you will tell it is just two coils interlocked with cords in the middle of the coils. The braid is just wrapping two cords around two other cords. I haped that answered your question.

- Building King