Step 3: Start Weavn'

Okay, this next step is kind of hard to explain in words.  It is a very "visual" kind of instructable, so all the instructions are in the pictures.

First step:  Tie any not you want, (monkey's fist, overhand, etc.) just so that you don't have to melt the ends together in the middle of the bracelet.

If you wanted to get the optional string, tie it to something secure, (Tree, table leg, chair leg, etc.) and then tie your not at the end so the string won't fall off.

I forgot to show you how to start it!  pretty much just cross two cords so one is coming out the back and one is coming out of the front, then tie it off and then start weaving with the long ends. (first picture)

Look at the pictures and the picture notes to get the instructions.
<p>help meeeeeeeeeeee!i dont get part 3!i cant watch youtube</p>
<p>wow. Glad to know I'm not the only youth instructor! Great instructable by the way! Looking forward tho makeing one!</p>
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This video would help people unfamiliar with the knot<br><br>https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm9rGugRoZY
Great job with measurements. As a guy who's done paracord bracelets and such for four years, this is still a very complicated knot and I give <br>You props for accurate measurements.
<p>This weave has the potential to be very nice. However, the instructions are terrible. I used this video that another commenter had recommended and was able to make a great bracelet which I closed with a buckle instead of the knot. </p><p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/Lm9rGugRoZY " width="500"></iframe><br>Advice: 1) Tying both ends of this bracelet to something to keep the center cords stretched is NOT optional. This weave is pretty much impossible without it. 2) The weave stays very loose until you force it to tighten, which you will have to do several times throughout the process. Think of it like a monkey-fist: you are going to be feeding the cord through the pattern a few times to tighten it once you have done a few &quot;stitches.&quot; 3) Watch the video for how to actually do this weave - the steps are 1 strand at a time, with the left (yellow) one coming under and around the standing strand - then the right (black) one coming up and over the standing strand, through the loop of the yellow, then back down under the standing strand. </p>
Can u do it with the side release buckles?
<p>Yes - take a look at my post above, just feed the looped end through one side of the buckle - then feed the bracelet through the loop. Attach the loose end of the bracelet to the other side of the buckle as you would normally, tucking the ends through and melting them together.</p>
love it
sorry to buddy but this weave was created in 2011 I give props to you for the confusing directions but it's been around for awhile
sorry I ment to say less confusing<br>
<p>my husband and his partner do a preppers convention in Anniston/Oxford Ala and I would so much like to sell these and several other of the para-cord items u have instructions for I will put a paper with your website in each package and even a poster on my table of where my inspirations came from. Sure would appreciate permission to sell these thanks so much Susanne</p>
Hey can I sell these? I'll give you credit
I Love this so much and as a home based art designer, i will appreciate if you allow me to make and sell this. It is wonderful.
Sorry I didn't reply sooner, but yeah you can!
Great design. I sell paracoed bracelets and I was wondering if I could sell this design. I would give you credit of course.
Just starting but I love this design.
Can't wait to try it!
Very precise measurements...
Looks awesome!
Awesome! I've got bored of cobra weaves (you do wham you've made 100's of variations) and this is a nice change. Have never seen it before but it's really cool!
Video please!!!
I really love these and think they are cool!! I am going to have my Scout's make these and sell them as a fundraiser! And we will for sure give you credit because you have earned it! But I do not see a subscribe button or vote or rate... and just to let you know any decent person SHOULD give you credit, cause where credit is earned it is due!! But you can't force them unless you have a copyright on the item. But thanks so much for the great idea, and GREAT JOB!!! You do awesome!
i still am not seeing how you start the braid. would a video be possible maybe?
I am going to be making a video. I made this instructable REALLY confusing. I am better at showing it visually so I hope the video will work. Thanks!
is the video ready<br>
I don't even know why he made this instructable . . . way to vague <br> <br>here check this 0out <br> <br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm9rGugRoZY
Where do you buy your paracord from?
Army surplus stores, or online. Just google paracord. But make sure it ships close to where you live because the shipping might cost more than the paracord.
I get mine on Amazon. Seller: Our School Spirit has a lot of dope colors and you can get 100 ft. for around $10. Check out rainbow if you look. It looks better in person but it's an awesome colored paracord
Can someone who has made this please make a video! this is the best paracord bracelet I have ever seen and would love to make one but these instructions are very hard to follow and I'm totally confused. No offense to building king but he has said he was going to make a video and has not done so. so again anyone who has made this and can make a video please do.
i love it, i thought your directions were very straight , managed to get it done in less than 30 min, and was only the second paracord bracelet i have ever made. <br>Great job!
i also used a big clip to hold the loose ends while i started the braid, it helped me greatly
Love the look of this, but it is impossible to follow. When do I pull the ends through? You go from step three to a half finished bracelet. Might be helpful if the center cord was a different color. <br>I definitely think this is too confusing and would like to see a video.
If you will number the strands it will help explain the weave. Basically in the middle you are making an X though one strand goes under on one side and then on the other side it goes over then you make the X and do the opposite if say the yellow went under then after the X is formed you would fold it back over the strand. I made my 1st one with a side release buckle and started the same way you do a survival bracelet. I hope this helps. I think I have seen some videos on Youtube over this bracelet that helped me to understand it. I hope this helps <br>
Very Cool... I've never seen that before.
This is very cool. I love the black and yellow. <br>-BLUEBLOBS2
It look similar to the snake knot that TIAT makes and he has a video showing how.<br>Just follow the link.<br><br>http://www.fusionknots.com/graphics/gallery/knots/Snake%20Knot%20Bracelet.html
Not to be rude, but please read the description. I said that I saw the snake knot/weave but I didn't like how it was round so I made this one.
when are you making the video?
Hey, this is cool! I have a friend who's into paracord bracelets, although he's only used the cobra weave. I'm going to show this to him, think it'd be cool to have one of these on my wrist, especially in Pirate colors. Orange and black, baby.<br><br>About a video, I have a camera and a youtube account, and I'm sure my friend would be willing to do a video. Do you still want someone to do it? 'Cause I'd be more than willing.
Thank you so much for your comment! I actually got a new camera and I will most likely be doing the video. If I am not able to make the video, I will have you make it. Thanks!<br><br>-Building King
I would be thrilled if you would do a video! I love the way you took a weave and modified it to lie flat the way you wanted it to. I would like it if you could take some other standard weaves and do the same thing.<br><br>Nice bracelet!
And my friend kind of makes money selling his homemade survival bracelets, so if we made this for you, could he sell them?
Yeah, you can sell them. Thanks for asking!<br><br>-Building King
I absolutely am in love with this weave. Unfortunately, having only done this for a short time, I am having some trouble following this. Can you clarify any of your steps?
I'm pretty sure this is called the snake knot... besides that good job.

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