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Now the scorcher Combat Assault Pistol the secondary of awesomeness

The CAP carries a 15-17 round blue rod mag and is 7 layers thick. It also sports a handle guard a mag release and really cool looking sights


Range 35-40 ft
Mag 15-17 blue rods
Good rof
Reliable design
Extremely sturdy
Nice gun! Looks gr8 as usual :D
Yes it is a pin gun in a different she'll but aren't they all?? Thanks for the feedback everyone and yea the 7th later isn't needed but it's for show
<p>I really like this gun you did a great job!</p>
<p>It looks pretty cool and sturdy, good job on that.<br>The seventh layer makes it look unnecessarily bulky, though. I don't know why you added it, to be honest, as it doesn't seem to improve either strength or looks.</p>
<p>This is one of the coolest guns I have seen in a long time. Good work.</p>

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