The Scorpion a K'nex Slingshot Crossbow


Introduction: The Scorpion a K'nex Slingshot Crossbow *Preview*

About: Retired from instructables now. I am going over to YouTube so check me out at "knextreme productions"!

This is a PREVIEW!

The scorpion uses 18 bands and the equivalent band draw length of an Srv-1 in something the size of the Zip 3 (the scorpion is about 32.5 inches long) to shoot 200 ft +!

Not much to say besides the bands run from the bow underneath the barrel until about the trigger.

Preview video link:

I may not finish this for at least a week so be patient!

Instructions are planned!



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    Woah. This crossbow looks mental. That's a lot of power lol

    It's crazy how much your skills have evolved! This is really cool.

    1 reply

    Thank you! Yeah I do think that I have improved some XD! I really do think that I have learned a lot!

    The black object with the Joel on is os a black crate I'll of books!