Picture of The Sea Beast - a 12 legged walker
This beast has 12 legs and is driven by a motor in the center. The legs walk the same as those from the "Strandbeest", made by the famous kinetic sculptor Theo Jansen.

Piece list for one pair of legs:
10 white
8 green
1 Blue

18 black hinge halves (These are a must!)
10 gray 1-way
10 gray 2-way
8 tan

2 blue spacers

note: In my own model I used black snap-on caps instead of tan connectors, you could use them as well if you have them.
note 2: This uses a lot of black hinge parts, you can buy these at knexusergroup if you live anywhere but in the US.


~ Kairah ~

Step 1: Making the legs

Picture of Making the legs
This step is for making one pair of legs. You will have to make this part 6 times.

So the legs are pretty tricky, lets start with making all the loose parts for one leg first.

Once you have made these you can put them together like shown in the next pictures.

Alright, then you have to make another one, and connect them together with a blue rod, two spacers and two gray connectors, and your'e done!
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Epic! 5 stars
cool knex134 years ago
looks funny!
Kahsyrbag4 years ago
If only I had that motor, yours is 190rpm I got the black 22rpm motor.
interman4 years ago
I made it 5 stars! :)
WOrks well (I haven't built it yet) but Just saying this thing would be a nice back massager! I cant see what are the peices on the legs that are on the white rods in the middle of the first picture?
Kairah (author)  aleceatsfood4 years ago
I think you mean > these <
oh I have the hinges but not the caps too bad...
Kairah (author)  aleceatsfood4 years ago
You could use tan connectors instead and make only 4 pair of legs.
Just keep enough distance between the legs.
how many hinges does 1 leg use?
Kairah (author)  aleceatsfood4 years ago
One leg uses 9 hinges, as you can see in the first picture :P
oh i guess i was too lazy to look. And I only have like 4 hinges :P
Very nice and compact! 5* But I've got a question, does it matter how long the axle is??? You used a yellow rod, can it also be a red rod (I'll have to 'cause my motor is pretty wide).
Kairah (author)  michiel1234567894 years ago
Cheers! If you are going to use a red rod, you will need to make some more distance between the first pair of legs and the motor. Otherwise the axle will stick between the legs and it cant walk! :)
Ok thanx!
Fr-Pa-Co4 years ago
did you enter this into the kinetic sculptures contest
qwerty20084 years ago
i built one of these about a year back. i just saw how they worked then started building. i used this same structure just longer rods.
danbaha5 years ago
What is that song called?
Kairah (author)  danbaha5 years ago
jim noir - my patch
anres3215 years ago
awesome !! 5*
rhysc75 years ago
whats up with the music
topcat1235 years ago
 awesome and creepy
RESTRICTED5 years ago
 All i can say is this looks awesome! I built the strand beest done by crestind, but this looks a lot sturdier. I can't wait to build it!
Seleziona5 years ago
sprout_less5 years ago
 I'm amazing.Just kidding. Ok so I found away that you can not use all the black hinges. Look at the picture!

p.s. Sorry for the bad quality picture, i was using my web cam.
Photo 59.jpg
Kairah (author)  sprout_less5 years ago
If you put the black clip on in the other direction it turns slightly better.
 correct! it doesn't work quiet as well but its better than not getting to build it.
Kairah (author)  sprout_less5 years ago
Do you mean like this? It fits, but doesn't turn very well unfortunately.
NICE WALKER! i might bulid later if i have enough hinges
Mr. Muggle5 years ago
I faved this! I only have 23 faves
travw5 years ago
I think I sh@t myself.

That is all.
Arbitror5 years ago
Now this is a cool k'nex project! It's good to see people thinking out of the box, that is the k'nex gun box...
TigerNod5 years ago
Just pure plain awesomeness, knex style. Great work, 5 stars!
Hiyadudez5 years ago

That thing is beast!

I'd build it, but I don't have that motor. Oh well.

5* and faved!
The original Strandbeest were wind-powered...
A breakthrough in technology!


Think of it as a challenge - you have no motor, but you do have enough K'NEX to build the mechanism.

Add sails.
Lol, it'd need to be pretty windy for that to work...

Blackpool beach... perfect...
Have a google - the originals were huge.
Kairah (author)  Hiyadudez5 years ago
 What motor's do you have then?
The big silver trekker motor, the plug-in one, 2 battery pack ones and a pull-back (lol.)

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