The Sea Monster Kite (seaweed sail & driftwood skeleton)

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When I was a kid growing up the best place to fly a kite was always at the beach. The powerful wind from the ocean would toss my kite neatly into the sky, and then turn it in a ballet of loops and twirls. When I was walking along the coast of Alameda in San Francisco the other day, I saw a handful of  thin and hollow driftwood pieces on the shore. This sparked the idea for creating a kite entirely sourced from the ocean. I was flying out to Boston the next day, so I bubble wrapped the driftwood I had collected, and after some confused and perhaps concerned looks from TSA I made it all the way to the Atlantic. I visited Revere Beach with a friend and collected two buckets full of green and brown seaweed. I proceeded to build the kite's skeleton out of driftwood and twine, I developed the sail by layering and gluing the seaweed, and then mounted the sail with green sewing thread. It came about a bit heavier than I wanted, and I definitely would do it  differently a second time (see last step), it was only really able to 'fly' (or should I say flop around) for a bit due to heavy wind. I received some advice from User Kiteman on how the design might be improved. Obviously this project is not conventional, as it is very easy to make a less time consuming and more functional kite, but I wanted to make something a little different and learn in the process. I hope you enjoy it!

Although I made this project on my back porch at home, theoretically it shouldn't be too hard to build during a full day at the beach with the family. It could be a great project to teach younger kids about being resourceful and creative with natural materials. 

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antioch1 year ago
This is not just incredibly cool and a pretty courageous project to undertake but it will also come in handy in all those scenarios that all your main-stream preppers have NOT thought of yet!
The Smoky Badger (author)  antioch1 year ago
Malco2221 year ago
At first I thought this idea was a little fishy but after reading through the steps I couldn't kelp myself from trying it! VERY creative well done!!!
Wow! I didnt realize you could make a foil with sea weed! Cool!