A Yad is a pointer used to read the Torah, or the Jewish bible. A Yad is used because one is not allowed to touch a Torah scroll with his hands, and the pointer helps the person follow along the line when reading. Yad, in Hebrew, literally means hand, and traditionally, the end of a Jewish Yad is in the shape of a hand.

I realized that this traditional pointer needn't be used only for reading the Torah. A pointer could be useful for reading secular books, or even books of another religion. I find that a pointer is especially useful when reading something technical, because it is very hard to concentrate on technical text, and sometimes the words seem to move around and rearrange themselves, or leave the page altogether at their own accord!

Also, my Secular Yad extends in length, so that it could be used as a more general pointer. It is very entertaining to watch others as you randomly pull a pointer with a tiny hand on the end, out of your pocket, and start pointing at things in the book the person across the table is reading.

Here are some examples of Jewish Yads:

Step 1: Get Supplies

These are the supplies I used when making the Secular Yad:

Two male pins from a power connector
Two terminals (like the ones in the pictures)
A telescoping antenna from a radio
A silver jump ring
About a foot of chain


Escapement files
Dremel and diamond cut off disk
30 watt soldering iron
30 gauge enameled wire
Philips screwdriver
This is cool, and although I'm not Jewish, or even religious (despite my name), I like it. I imagine this would come in handy for other stuff as well. And it's a use for old radio antennae.
wait i thought a yad couldn't be made from metal cause metal=weapon<br/><br/>it's like the one thing I remember from my friends bar mitzvah <br/>
&nbsp;they are often made of silver or the like, i think my grandparants have a few made of steel or iron though
Hmm... I've never heard that before. I assume it's allowed because I've seen metal Yads sold on orthodox Jew's web sites.
I've always wanted to build a secular Rayhal...one of those stands used to hold a Qur'an. It seems like it would work quite well with your Yad.
I never knew you weren't supposed to touch the scrolls. Kinda like the magic bag the Mormons use to read the golden plates. Interesting stuff.
Awesome. The best use ever found for old connectors . My hats off to you sir!
This DITW atheist approves...
If I am not incorrect when you make an Acronym you do no include the word &quot;the&quot; so it would be &quot;DIW&quot; =P<br/><br/>the only think that bothers me about this entire instructable is that the thumb on the hand looks too long.<br/><br/>Really cool idea though, I might make one.<br/>
DITW? What does that stand for? =P i cant figure it out <br/>
<em> <a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/dyed-in-the-wool">Dyed in the wool.</a></em><br/><br/>i.e. it is an intrinsic part of me, not just a printed image over the surface.<br/>
Ahhh, now i get it =P thanks<br/>
That's a nice hand, great job sculpting.
The hand could also be carved from a suitable wood like walnut, or fashioned out of epoxy putty.
this is the only project where I've seen solder sculpted, and with such great results!
Interesting. I've learned something about Jewish beliefs. And doctrine aside, this is cool from a preservationist standpoint (i.e. old manuscripts).
Great instructable! At first glance, it appeared to be flashing the middle finger, which would have made the whole thing more... ahem, amazing. Awesome skills man, awesome skills.
I looked at the title and just thought win... This is a great project with pretty nice photos and originality, Featured.

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