Picture of The Serial Number Trick
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Easy Magic Trick. All you need is a dollar bill. They will think you have psychic powers!

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Step 1: The Trick

Picture of The Trick
There is a number that appears in all four corners of a $1 bill. the point of this trick is to guess that number without seeing it.

Step 2: The dollar bill

Picture of The dollar bill
Ask a member of your audience to take a dollar bill out of their wallet and fold it as shown to hide the corner numbers.

Step 3: How its done

Picture of How its done
There are two ways to read this portion of the bill to learn the numbers in the corners. the first letter in the serial number corresponds to the number in the corners and also the letter in the circle on the left side of the bill.

A=1 B=2 C=3.....

Step 4: How to work it.

Picture of how to work it.
the best way to pull this trick off is to use multiple dollar bills and really get your audience going!

Check out my other instructional videos on Metacafe

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I never knew this. This is really cool, Thanks!
Bad Donut6 years ago
i knew this by the time i was 6
xrobevansx7 years ago
out of there wallet ...
Or maybe out of their wallet???

i was quoting the poster's video.
EviLNinJa (author)  xrobevansx7 years ago
yea Im stupid lol
hernanai7 years ago
These numbers and letters correspond to the location they were printed at.

Boston 1 A
Chicago 7 G
New York 2 B
St. Louis 8 H
Philadelphia 3 C
Minneapolis 9 I
Cleveland 4 D
Kansas City 10 J
Richmond 5 E
Dallas 11 K
Atlanta 6 F
San Francisco 12 L

Here's the link: http://www.ischool.utexas.edu/~jpwms/mixednumbers/money.html
I always notice these numbers, I am a coin/ currency collector. Some rare notes have stars instead of a letter in the end of the code, those are called star notes. They're very rare. You can Google them up if you want, they're really interesting.
ya, i used to have a bunch of star notes. but when i found out they were out of norm. they r allready gone :-( . they can be worth up to 300$ more w a star i heard on the history channel...
They are. What did you mean by "out of norm."?
out of the normal, or different lol
Spectrace7 years ago
its alot easier to tell the number by the big letter in the circle/seal on the left side of the bill. every bill made before they started making the colored money has that circle/seal with a letter in it, which is the same as the one in the serial number, and the number of letter in the alphabet in the 4 corners.
moomoocows7 years ago
Very nice I agree with the earlier poster I never noticed those before.
theRIAA7 years ago
iv'e never even noticed those numbers