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The Shadow Sniper is designed to produce maximum range with minimal rubber bands.With just 1 rb this gun can fire around 45ft and with 2 60+.My new gun also has a brand new bullet locking mechinism designed with little fiction to increase the power further!.

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Step 1: The Peices You Will Need

Picture of The Peices You Will Need

These are the peice that you will need to build the gun :)


grey (sharpened) 1
grey (normal) 5
Red 9
Blue 1
white 4
Green 5


Grey 23
Light gray 1
Orange 4
Red 3
Green 2
Yellow 7
Tan clip 13
Hinge 1
Half gray 4
Ball socket 1
Ball joint 1
Black clip 3


Blue spacers 63


Step 2: Back of the Gun

Picture of Back of the Gun

To start off u should build the back of the gun, follow the pictures to find out how

Step 3: Back of the Gun Part 2

Picture of Back of the Gun Part 2

Next,Constuct the peice shown in the picture and attach it to the end of the 3 grey rods that were in the prevous step

Step 4: Middle of Gun

Picture of Middle of Gun

This part of the gun holds both parts together and is very important, as i said before follow the pics

Step 5: Bullet Locker

Picture of Bullet Locker

This is the bullet locking mechinism i was on about so follow the pictures carefully, (BTW the greyrod is supposed to bend a little)

Step 6: End of Gun

Picture of End of Gun

This is the end of the gun where the rb will be, Follow pics

Step 7: Ammo Holder

Picture of Ammo Holder

The ammo hold can store 5 of either yellow rods or blue rods depending on you own choice, add 2 blue spacers then 2 orange connectors where shown and connect the ammo holder to the orange connectors, FTP

Step 8: Trigger

Picture of Trigger

this is the part of the gun that makes it fire so follow pics carefully!
u need to add a hinge connector to the trigger in the previous pic and the other end to a new part in the middle of the gun :)

Step 9: Handle

Picture of Handle

This is the easiest part of the gun to make so just follow the pics

Step 10: Fireing Pin

Picture of Fireing Pin

The firing pin remember must be sharpened so just follow the pic

Step 11: Adding Rubberbands

Picture of Adding Rubberbands

There fistly is the main rubber band which goes on the front of the gun and end of the firing pin as shown below.
and the second one strecths from the trigger to the front of the gun as well.

Step 12: Where to Put the Ammo and Bullet

Firstly you put the bullet into the gun as shown until it firmly in place.
then put the ammo where shown in the picture and to get a bullet simply tilt until one falls out.

Step 13: Optional Extras

Picture of Optional Extras

This is a redeisned fireing pin that can stand more force than the other pin also it is easier to pull back but this one weakens the gun slightly because it is heavyier so that is why i have not included it in my final design, anyway the other one is just as capable to stand up to the force that is nesseresary. Its your choice :)
note: I use 100mm X 30mm rubberbands


Step 14: My Other Instructible

Picture of My Other Instructible


zimster42 (author)2008-07-23

do i seriously need all of those spacers? can i build it without them?

blacktails (author)zimster422010-04-09

Well, they're spacers.... They're there for a reason, and often guns look poor without them, but often they CAN be built without them.

MiniBr1t (author)2010-03-26

do u need the half greys or not

An Villain (author)2010-02-14

why is the bullet lock fictional, you could have made it in real life.

Lone- Wolf 2 (author)2009-09-20

im having trouble biulding with the images please try to make them not so foggy. and take 2 or 3 pictures of the same step each time. Please and thank you

knektek (author)2009-07-28

nice gun, but u should learn to use proper language, like listead of bullet holder you could say magazine.

mettaurlover (author)2008-05-19

about step one... you said you have pictures. all i see is ONE picture. please explain. or else.

Shadow64 (author)mettaurlover2008-05-31

when did i say that 'you have the pictures'????? anyway theres 2 not 1.

mettaurlover (author)Shadow642009-07-25

ooohhhh.... it's just that the second one is so tiny... also: you know there are problems with your gun if almost half the piece count is spacers.

thewalrusoflove (author)2009-04-01


bob2121 (author)2008-11-25

abit small :(

zimster42 (author)2008-07-23

i also added a green connector and a yellow rod on each side of the front of the ammo holder for supports.

ninjusk (author)2008-06-09

ok do u really need 63 blue spacers

Oompa-Loompa (author)ninjusk2008-07-18

I really think by looking at the pics that you could replace most of them with silvers.

mysticperson23 (author)2008-05-26

the picture r blurry!

Shadow64 (author)mysticperson232008-05-31

sry bout that had a crap camra when i took these

Pancakeslayer (author)2008-04-29

LOL, im with buildfiend, i dont know how to add +1, sum1 plz tell me

buildfiend (author)Pancakeslayer2008-05-18


slimguy379 (author)2008-05-02

pics are a bit blurry but I got the idea, cool!!!!!!

buildfiend (author)2008-04-28

i = new
how do u rate?
i probably wont come back to page so pm me if u would with answer plz

loopygoter (author)2008-04-28

Can u make the pics better, i cant see them at ALL Thx

Regal1851 (author)2008-02-27

where could i find the hinge piece on the knex website

Fudgey13 (author)2008-02-20

it took me forever to find 63 blue rings and some other parts, but now I have NO IDEA how to build the back of the gun. Can u post a better picture, or a picture from a different angle?

Shadow64 (author)Fudgey132008-02-21

Ill try, but i broke the gun up a few days ago to for a top secret project

bubbaman22 (author)Shadow642008-02-21

i want to build so bad but i cant see the pics and i dont have enough tan clips.aww. make a better gun with better pics plz:)

Shadow64 (author)bubbaman222008-02-27

Shurely u must hav at least 13 tan conectors!? and ill try and post a better gun when i have the time

bubbaman22 (author)Shadow642008-02-21

great gun but i think you should come out with some mods.. maybe a hopper that would be awesome :)

Shadow64 (author)bubbaman222008-02-22

I did have quite a few upgrades but a broke the gun up, i may build it again sometime, anyway my other sniper is way better than this :)

bubbaman22 (author)Shadow642008-02-22

cool but were did you post it plz post a link here to it thanks much :)

Shadow64 (author)bubbaman222008-02-23

I havent posted it yet but i goner post my souledge which is located here

bubbaman22 (author)Shadow642008-02-23

i reccomend posting on instructables :)

Shadow64 (author)bubbaman222008-02-24

All my weapons now i will be posting on Knex innovation like ive just done with my souledge, Its posted!

Fudgey13 (author)Shadow642008-02-21

never mind, i figured it out, now i just need to figure out the firing pin, seems like it can't pull back far enough, maybe i did something wrong...

Shadow64 (author)Fudgey132008-02-21

probley not, the half grey connector is supposed to slide acoss the grey rod a bit so the grey rod can go behind the trigger

bubbaman22 (author)Fudgey132008-02-20

63 blue rings!!! that might be a problem...:)

Shadow64 (author)bubbaman222008-02-21

U can subsittute them for normal knex peices but it will make the gun look messy

bubbaman22 (author)Shadow642008-02-21

thanks :)

Shadow64 (author)bubbaman222008-02-22

I hav a new camra now so when i hav time ill improve it

knex gun forger (author)2007-11-04

dude awesome gun i havent build it yet but im about to so congragulations

hey never thought id see you here! :)

ninjaimasta (author)2007-12-07

could i just ask, wtf is a hinge? the only k'nex hinge i can think of is the ball + socket joint :S also, could you please include maybe a layout of all the pieces with the numbers next to them rather than 'light grey connector' and 'hinge' or 'grey connector' as some same-parts are different colours depending on the sets you have and also because there are 2 different types of grey connectors and they both look the same to me (no 'light grey')

Shadow64 (author)ninjaimasta2007-12-08

A hinge is shown in the pic. Thanks to your advice ive updated the 'peices you will need' section with a parts list shown using pictures

bubbaman22 (author)Shadow642008-02-20

is the end part stock or ram? :)

Shadow64 (author)bubbaman222008-02-21


bubbaman22 (author)Shadow642008-02-21

ty youre gun is fantastic but could use some better pics +1

ninjaimasta (author)Shadow642008-02-15

*bows* and also, i must say your other disk firing gun is brilliant! im trying to convert it to fire rods with the same upwards lifting motion, as the gun is quite resilient and stable, although i havent had results so far :(

Shadow64 (author)ninjaimasta2008-02-15

Good to hear, another thing is ive got a few more instructibles on the way but everything i post now will be goin on knex inovation so if u want to see the latest guns go there.

ek599 (author)2008-01-23

whats a sharpened grey rod?

ninjaimasta (author)ek5992008-02-15

imagine putting a grey rod in a pencil sharpener

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