Introduction: The Shampoo Bottle Hack!!!!!!!!!

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The Shampoo Bottle Hack

Do you ever travel? If you do I'm guessing that you probably take your toiletries bag with you.

And the the spill happens, and you find your stuff drenched in..... SHAMPOO!!!!!!!!!!!! So here it is, the most simple shampoo bottle hack you'll ever have!


  1. Take your shampoo bottle
  2. Get 2 rubber bands
  3. Place 1 rubber band over the top of the lid going sideways
  4. Then, take the other one and put it in the other direction
  5. And there you have it!


BrianH20 (author)2016-04-21

I tape my lids on

Alexaluvu (author)BrianH202016-04-23

That's also a good way, thanks for the suggestion!

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