The Shoe Keeper AKA Shoe Organizer /Clutter Reducer





Introduction: The Shoe Keeper AKA Shoe Organizer /Clutter Reducer

The necessity for this was an abundance of loose shoes. The previous model decayed from humidity and mold. The inception was seeing other storage furniture with similar designs.

Step 1: Parts & Assembly

Used a sheet of 4'x8' finished plywood. Used a table saw to cut the verts and horizontal pieces. I am not sure what this technique is called. It took me hours to cut these out. The front slanted edge was difficult  for me. I cut all 3 at once through the table saw. The edge had blemishes and needed sanding down to look OK. I used a mallet to connect the pieces together. The fit was very tight.
The cubes are 5" H x5" W.  

Step 2: Sides and Stain

Here it is stained with a waterproofing layer . The sides are held together with biscuit plates. The internal cube matrix is just slid inside. I was amazed it fit perfectly. Now this is strong enough for shoes and a few things on top, maybe 30 lbs at most..but no one is going to use this as a step-stool.. I coated it with a clear polyurethane spray after my wife was done painting the sides.

Step 3: Final Paint..some Character.

My wife is a good painter. She livened up the case with some whimsical art. Our 7yo helped too. I put some foot pads on the bottom to keep it dry . 

So there you go. 



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    Nice! Useful and the decoreations are beautiful

    Thanks so much for responding. I totally want to make this now. And thanks for the great instructions. :) can't wait to make mine!

    This is really neat. I am looking to build one of these for my niece. Do you have measurements? I am trying to find blue prints on how far to cut the shelf and dividing pieces. I really like how you angled the whole piece, gives it a very nice look.

    1 reply

    It's about 24" high , 20" wide and 18" deep..approximate...The shelves are cut about half way in, for the scissor type connection. I'm an amateur wood worker and I mostly just build by feel. I take the little I know of structural design and engineering and try to make a solid , strong piece of work.. Trial and error is my method. Thanks for the compliment and sorry for the long delay in answering you.

    About how much did it cost to build this?! I love the look and that's exactly what I wanting.

    1 reply

    The sheet of plywood was 35$, plus maybe 10$ worth of paint , stain, biscuit joiners. Of course , one needs the saws and odd tools for this type of work. And maybe 8 to 12 hours of labor , spread out over a few weeks, for me at least.