Lets face it, nobody wants to spend money on buying an appliance and then having to continue paying for electricity and gas to run that appliance, so why not build a mini oven that runs off of the sun. You can boil water, melt chocolate, and even cook a hotdog with this ecofriendly oven that fits in a shoebox. It can reach a high temperature of 230°F on a sunny day, so the possibilities of what to cook are endless!

The way this oven works is by a big reflector that reflects the sun's rays through the plexiglass and onto the black bottom of the oven. The color black absorbs light therefor becoming hot and that heat is stored in the oven because it can't rise and escape because the plexiglass, and the inside part of the oven is surrounded with newspaper clippings to insulate and keep the heat. Look at the picture and you will see the reflectors, the oven, and the insulation.

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Step 1: Materials

You will need.....

* A shoebox
* Aluminum Foil
* Cereal Box
* Shredded Newspaper
* Plexiglass (Big enough to just cover your shoebox)
* Black Construction Paper
* 2 Rubber bands


* Scissors
* Hot Glue Gun (with glue)
* Tape
* The Sun!
Thanks for sharing but I'm a little bit worried about insulating with paper strips.. Isn't there a risk of fire hasard?

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