The Shredder a Knex Assault Rifle


Introduction: The Shredder a Knex Assault Rifle

About: Retired from instructables now. I am going over to YouTube so check me out at "knextreme productions"!

An all around assault rifle with high power and good range

Power 35-40 ft
Accuracy great
Looks decent



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    Honestly, I agree with some of the stuff Sonic Broom said. The front is messy and the handle is not the best looking. I really liked Predator better. It had a overall cooler looking shape.

    I don't agree with him about your guns getting boring. Keep turning them out, it's great to have new stuff being posted. :)

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    I was meaning that I think this gun is sort of boring but not all of his guns just some of them seem to have little time put into there creation.

    To tell you the truth the handle looks bad and the shape of the gun is to box for me but it's your gun. Also the front looks so so. And it seams like you seem to be spiting out guns left and right which can be a good thing but they all seem pretty boring if you ask me. This is just my opinion. So don't get all bent out of shape. i'm just telling you what I think. The photos are getting better also!