The Shredder Helmet


Introduction: The Shredder Helmet

Last year for halloween I was the shredder, then my mom threw out my helmet that was in the garage :-\ I made a new helmet, some features are better but some are worse, but its just for show so oh well lol

I used a soccer ball
paper mache

Step 1:

I started by cutting a soccer ball open and taking out the guts, then i cut it to fit my head

next I attached news paper to it to form the spikes on the shredders helmet

Step 2:

next i paper mache'd it because it makes it harder

this is flour and water, then dip paper in it and put over the helmet, elementary school flash backs

Step 3:

then i made the mask and back of the helmet

this was done with cardboard, i measured my face and drew out the mask, then cut it out and folded it in half

then i measured the back of the helmet and cut out the back

after that i glued the back onto the helmet

the mask i attached paper clips so i could take off the mask like the shredder

then i painted them silver



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    PLEASE REPLY! What did you use for the tunic/loin cloth? Not just the bottom, but the top.

    Thanks for posting this up, I had no idea where to begin making a shredder costume so I found this tutorial to be a massive help.

    that is AWESOME!! i used to own that movie! ninja turtles was the best show ever!!