Interested in card tricks and acts of mentalism? This instructable will go over a deck stack that makes it easy to preform amazing and baffling illusion, card predictions, gambling ticks (I do not recommend you actually gamble with a stacked deck, for your own safety) and much more. After the explanation I will also provide a good little routine that I like to use with this.

but first let me say that this particular stack was first credited to Si Stebbins (hence the name) also know as William Coffrin. It was first published  in the United States in Si Stebbins' Card tricks and the Way He Performs Them in 1898.

Step 1: The Stack

the stack refers to the order of the cards, now the utility of this stack is that the entire deck is stacked in away that it can be cut and re-cut  without ruining the stack, neat huh?

Well first there's the order of the Suits. The Order goes Clubs, followed by Hearts, followed by Spades, followed by Diamonds. To help remember that order there's a word that helps, I know it's simple enough that you shouldn't need help to remember the order but some do, the key word here is CHaSeD, see?

ok the suites was(were?) the simple part, now we move on to understanding and ordering the values. To begin with, each card even faces are given a numeric value. The numbered cards are easy to figure out but the faces each have a different value as well. Aces are all 1, while Jacks are 11, Queens are 12, and Kings are 13, easy enough right? now that we have the values figured out the actual order is this: +3

That's right, each following card is a value three more than the one before it. If the card on top of the deck is the 6H(six of hearts) then the next card down is going to be the 9S(nine of spades), and the one after that is going to be the QD(queen of diamonds) but if QD has a value of 12, the next card is three more that would be 15? well because there is  no 15 you have to start the count over at 1, so because 15 is 2 more than 13 your next card value is 2 which makes it the 2C( two of clubs)

see how easy that was? maybe? I hope I explained that clear enough

super simplified: CHSD+3

Some notes about this stack before we move on to a routine.  If you haven't noticed already three cards separate matching suites thirteen cards separate matching values. Also this wonderful man made a great video explanation you should check it out if the above was too confusing.
Unfortunately, this tutorial has one glaring error. If you look at the final stack, it should go up by three every time, i.e. A-4-7-10-K-3-6-9, and so on. Unfortunately, the final stacking order was done backwards, placing the ace of diamonds stack on the king of diamonds. The resultant pattern, with each card being three higher than the one previous, is broken after every diamond.<br> <br> To do the final stack correctly, do not place the ace of diamonds stack on the king of diamonds. Instead, stack the ace of diamonds stack on the two of diamonds, then the three, and so on in order. The final stack to be added should be the king of diamonds.

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