The Silence Mask





Introduction: The Silence Mask

Step 1: First

You need a polystyrene head then put layers of modelling clay on your head.
Now sculpt your mask mold by using photos as a guide.

Step 2: Now

You do your first layer of latex on your mold you will need to do about 10-15 think layers u can do as many as you need

Step 3: Finally

Peel off the mask from the clay by cutting up the back it should come off easily but if not use Vaseline or powder to loosen the grip.
Once your mask is to your standards then you can paint or just leave it.
I add some eyes from an old toy which worked quite well but you could use teddy eyes or something. To attach use hot glue be careful its hot!



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    7 Discussions

    Umm now I think it's a ... nope still can't remember

    It simple, and well done. I think it would look better with a suit and bald cap. But I like it

    Thx orion1977

    So... an instructable about nothing?... ;)

    Great work, BTW!

    No it's not an actual costume i just kind want to show an idea its just the mask i was showing just happened to be wearing something similar to the costume but i will get suit thx for noticing Satrek

    It is definitly recognizable, although you should get a proper suit to go along with it. Great work, thanks for sharing!

    On a side note, should not the forehead be larger? I cannot really tell...