A simple project to show you how to make a dc motor at home.!!

Step 1: Starting to Built

1. Hold the loop vertically by placing your thumb through the center of the rotor Place one
of the straight sections of wire on a flat surface. Using a razor blade, strip ONLY the
TOP surface of the wire. Be sure not to strip the sides or the bottom, just the top. Strip
the wire from the coil all the way to the end of the straight section
<p>what dos it do and smock 9922329</p>
where did you get that magnet wire?
I got it from an electric appliance repairing shop.. You can get it from any electric tools shop where they either repair fans and motors or have their spare parts... Ask for enemeled copper wire<br><br>When you make one these send me a picture of your project..!
<p>Can I use a non-coated copper wire instead of insulated copper wire?</p>
I'm sorry to say but you cannot.<br><br>Explanation: If you use non-coated copper wire it would act as a not even a single turn of wire as the electricity would take up the shortest end to end path... But if you take coated copper wire WHICH YOU SHOULD will let the current flow in loops of coil which will create much better magnetic field which is required for the project..<br><br>Happy ? to see you respond... Avinash Sinha
Quick Question... What is the point of only stripping the top of the one rotor wire?
Its because its a enamel coated wire and enamel does not conduct electricity so we have to remove the enamel .
Well i know that, But why do you only strip the top part of the enamel coated wire.
as when it gets electricity it becomes a electro-magnet and in electromagnet electrons and neutrons must not be combined everywhere
You may want to change your description of the wire. You have it as AWG wire...AWG is a unit of measurement for the wire. An actual kind of wire would be something like 22AWG wire or 12AWG.
thanks and sorry for my bad english
You know, I could see myself making one of these but I really, really wish you went more in-depth on making the coil (hew many turns, etc).
40 is okay for 9v
The number of turns on the coil isn't vital.
at least 40
hay u got reply fro him then post to me allso

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