The Simple Knife





Introduction: The Simple Knife

I inherited all of my grandfather's tools, especially tons of old putty knives. I wanted to make something really cool out of them, so I realized, why not make knives?

Step 1: Tools/Materials

-Bench grinder or Dremel
-Sanding Device (sandpaper, palm sander, belt sander...)
-Straight Edge (ruler, book, square)
-Pencil or Sharpie
-Old Putty Knife

-Please use proper safety gear, I'm not liable for any accidents.

Step 2: Drawing the Design

Take your straight edge, and draw a straight line across the knife. Then, use the unmarked side to draw your knife shape. Use your imagination, make it cool.

Step 3: Grinding/Cutting

With your grinder of some sort or Dremel, grind off all of the unnecessary material, leaving you with a rough cut knife. Further grind you knife to make it smooth.

Step 4: Sanding

To get off all the old spackling, you will need to sand the handle and blade till there are both smooth and shiny.

Step 5: The Bevel

Go back to your bench grinder, and put a bevel on both sides of the knife to make it sharp.

Step 6: Testing

Because this knife is made from low quality steel, it will not hold an edge the best. The knife still cuts paper, meaning the edge it has is sharp.

The last picture is all of the knives I have made.

Thank you for viewing this instructable, feel free to ask any questions. Also, please vote for me so I could win my first contest.



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Sadly, I don't have an angle grinder so I can't.

cool! can you make one with high carbon

although it is a little flimsy, it dtill wotks fine for things like scraping and some carving

Hello Jackrabbit1399, I would recommend yard sales, thrift stores, or flea markets. If there are none at those places, go to the hardware store and find one with a wooden hande.

do you know where i might find a putty knife like the one in the picture?