Introduction: The Simple Mans Wandering Sandals From Plastic Bottles

Picture of The Simple Mans Wandering Sandals From Plastic Bottles

Trying to tread lightly on this planet? This Instructable will teach you how to fashion some basic wanderers sandals from discarded soda bottles.

This is a entry to the "Keep the bottle" contest. Please take the time to vote if you think the idea, is worth me getting a prize for it. I would really enjoy the prize, so please vote.

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Step 1: What You Will Need

Picture of What You Will Need

~ 2 X Soda bottles.

~ Scissors.

~ Some cord.

~ Duct tape.

~ Your choice of lining. I have used Astro turf.

Step 2: Cutting and Creating Cord Holes

Picture of Cutting and Creating Cord Holes

Take your bottle and cut the base off. Make the cut about 1 inch above the bottom.

Now squash the bottle flat.

Mark three points for cord mounting. Position holes as pictured.
Cut small holes to feed the cord through. At the neck you will need two small holes to feed the cord through.

Step 3: Inserting Cord

Picture of Inserting Cord

Take your cord and tie a knot in one end. Start at one side and feed the cord through the points. Make sure it is secure, as you do not want it to come undone during your travels.

Step 4: Cutting and Positioning the Lining

Picture of Cutting and Positioning the Lining

Take your lining and using a shoe or thong as a template, cut out a rough shape.

Cut a slit to accomodate the cord.

Apply your duct tape to hold the lining in position.

Step 5: Your Journey Begins

Picture of Your Journey Begins

Your finished now, it is time to venture. Try your snazzy new thongs out and about.

If ever you have an issue another bottle is not far away.
You shall get many a good road travelled in these.


the5thone (author)2012-02-24

How do you make one for feet that doesn't have the big toes. Both of mine had to be removed.
thank you

SugarCluster (author)the5thone2015-02-04

You can move the point of splice to any of your supportive toes. Such as the point between middle and forth one.

Though that'll be quite uncomfortable...but it really works.

Or, add an extra strap that goes behind your ankles.

kangel1 (author)2013-05-20

Not sure what kind of traction those would have. Might work better with a bottle that had more ridges, etc., tho' that would probably be less comfortable.

kangel1 (author)2013-05-20

If you lined everything up and punched a hole in the astroturf as well as the bottle, The turf would line up and stay better, I'd think.

urbanwoodswalker (author)2010-03-28

I am making these for my next trashion fashion show design. I hope they work and don't fall off my feet while walking down the runway!

You have inspired me greatly today!  Thanks!

Lftndbt (author)urbanwoodswalker2010-03-29

 Thanks for your comment. The thought of you walking down a runway wearing them, makes me : ) .

Good luck!

urbanwoodswalker (author)Lftndbt2010-04-25

I really wanted to, but my foot is too long for a bottle!  I am a men's size 8 shoe, or a woman's size 10. My heel would fall off the back.  Dang!   I would have to do something creatibve to lengthen the bottoms.

2 liter bottle?

urbanwoodswalker (author)Lftndbt2010-03-30

Ha ha....they do not look very easy to walk it...I imagine "sliding" more then "walking" ....:-)

As brilliant as the idea pains my heart to think these might be the only shoes a person might own.    Its been a reality check for in the USA. 

zjharva (author)2009-11-13

 step *crinkle* step *crinkle* lol

good instructable though!

dobbylvr (author)2009-05-23

Awesomeful! These make me wish I could wear flipflops without getting blisters...

Mattrox (author)2009-02-21

Back in south africa you can go to almost any street vendor and get shoes or sandals made from car tyre rubber that was either picked up of the road or *liberated* from a random car.

tfaulk26 (author)2009-01-20

Nice... I would keep the bottle cap on, though - for better aerodynamics, style, and protetion from dust accumulation through the open hole :)

Lftndbt (author)tfaulk262009-01-20

That's on the deluxe model.

Grey_Wolfe (author)Lftndbt2009-01-30

Lol, I'm gonna guess the deluxe model is made out of bottles from that Swedish water too. :) I was thinking it might be a bit more reliable to actually string the straps threw the AstroTurf as well, so it holds it in place better. Just a thought though. Good job simplifying things. Back to the basics is the way to go.

Lftndbt (author)Grey_Wolfe2009-01-31

LoL yes the Swedish ones. Most definatley about the strapping. I would create a hole and feed it through the lining. Just did it this way out of ease. It also allows you to change it as often as you like.

robbtoberfest (author)2009-01-21

Here you go, Jaysbob posted this pic on my blown tire shoes Instructable.

Lftndbt (author)robbtoberfest2009-01-21

LoL, that pic was my inspiration.

Lithium Rain (author)2009-01-19

These look like they would be very slippery...

Kiteman (author)Lithium Rain2009-01-19

Ah-ha! The inspiration I needed!

Lftndbt (author)Kiteman2009-01-19

Do tell!

Kiteman (author)Lftndbt2009-01-20

Hmmm... according to the weather forecast, it may be too dangerous to try my idea for real at the weekend :-( I'll get the boys to pose it for me :-)

Lftndbt (author)Kiteman2009-01-20

That's a shame. On a side note. I managed to get my hands on some very well built kites. I'm not sure on their technicalities but they have a span of 1.2m from wing tip to wing tip, 90cm from tip to tail mount and all mounting points are double and triple stitched. They are a promo line for the business I work for. They were heavily reduced from $35 AU to $4.50 AU. Any idea of the complications of turning a single string into a double string kite? I'll have to go Google it me thinks. I would imagine it would be a tad difficult.

Kiteman (author)Lftndbt2009-01-21

They're framed?

I would be tempted to link them side-by-side, somehow, to see if the two (diamonds?) could fly together like a two-stringed Revolution or M-Quad.

Kiteman (author)Kiteman2009-01-21

(PM me more details if you want)

Lftndbt (author)Kiteman2009-01-20

WoW.. I'm not sure where I pulled those figures from. The kites are actually 1.6m x 1.2m .

Lithium Rain (author)Kiteman2009-01-19

:-D Be sure to credit me for teh inspirations...

Kiteman (author)Lithium Rain2009-01-20

Of course!

Lftndbt (author)Lithium Rain2009-01-19

Depending on the surface, yes. Polished tiles yes, sand / dirt no. Impoverished Africans have been utilising this method for many years.

fungus amungus (author)2009-01-19

Wow, you're a bottle-reusing machine!

Lftndbt (author)fungus amungus2009-01-19

I try. ;)

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