video The Simplest Bird Trap
Making a simple bird trap from a box and a mouse trap.
JonahH27 months ago

# Don't wanna kill the thing do we? I don't. I am looking for a bird trap to catch a bird.

koby7 JonahH21 month ago
arkelly JonahH23 months ago
Make a snare
arkelly JonahH23 months ago
Make a snare
arkelly3 months ago
Tell me wat I need someone

I dont mind killing it. i just didn't have a rat trap.

Can I use anything else than a mouse or rat trap? Please respond.
asujath20003 years ago
very nice thanx a lot
Awesome I caught a chipmunk but he dug himself out. What bait did you use?
FPSoutback (author)  wez4162 years ago
Just bread
thanks that helped alot >:D
how did you get the mouse trap not to snap the birds neck? please respond
FPSoutback (author)  fallout-fanboy332 years ago
The spring arm isn't set, the string is used in its place.