Introduction: The Simplest Controller Belt Ever.

Picture of The Simplest Controller Belt Ever.

Liquid Nails? No
Soldering Skills? No
Wire Hanger? No
Take That NES Controller Belt.

Step 1: One Part Playstation Controller.

Picture of One Part Playstation Controller.

Step 2: One Part Drill and Screws.

Picture of One Part Drill and Screws.

Step 3: One Part Flat Brackets or Washers.

Picture of One Part Flat Brackets or Washers.

Step 4: One Part Belt.

Step 5: Place the Belt Between the Brackets and the Screw.

Step 6: Drill Away.

Step 7: Go to

Step 8: Enojy N00bz

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Kasm279 (author)2011-04-16

It would be nice if we knew how you attached the screws and such...

seabananers (author)2010-07-21

imagine using an atari joy stick that would get some laughs

lol i have one haha

Gunk on Floor (author)2007-10-08

Imagine wearing an N64 controller....ouch.

Ugliest controller ever, so i got an emulator and used a modded Xbox controller. and yes, Ouch.

cdizzle (author)Gunk on Floor2008-11-10

its not as uncomfortable as you think it depends on how you sit

albhednomad (author)2008-04-06

I use my controllers as belts but I just run the wire through the belt loops. started doing it 4 years ago cause I didn't have a belt that fit and have been doing it ever since. nice instructable though.

stupiderthanu (author)2006-12-21

seems simple enough... just dont put the real belt buckle right to your front, more off to the side, under your shirt. or maybe even wear the belt backwards... find a belt with a simple, and SMALL buckle. i hear they are doing some great things with magnets these days.... i wonder if i have my large old xbox controller somewhere... hrmmmmmm... hah aha h

mr_ecktid (author)2006-12-01

I don't get it, how did you connect it?

Bobfrizzle (author)2006-11-15


0.775volts (author)2006-06-28

couldn't you just use the controller cord as a belt, and tie it around the controller as the buckle? hell, an old colecovision controller is STILL holding my trunk shut.

Always a great project if not enough people are playing with your crotch.

mikesty (author)2006-06-23

Pretty cool, but the shirt is hilarious.

dapinoyba (author)2006-06-22

how do you tighten or loosen it? where is the buckle? i'm confused

trebuchet03 (author)2006-06-22

It needs to be interactive :P interesting...

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