The Simplest Controller Belt Ever.





Introduction: The Simplest Controller Belt Ever.

Liquid Nails? No
Soldering Skills? No
Wire Hanger? No
Take That NES Controller Belt.

Step 1: One Part Playstation Controller.

Step 2: One Part Drill and Screws.

Step 3: One Part Flat Brackets or Washers.

Step 4: One Part Belt.

Step 5: Place the Belt Between the Brackets and the Screw.

Step 6: Drill Away.

Step 7: Go to

Step 8: Enojy N00bz



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    It would be nice if we knew how you attached the screws and such...

    imagine using an atari joy stick that would get some laughs

    Imagine wearing an N64 controller....ouch.

    Ugliest controller ever, so i got an emulator and used a modded Xbox controller. and yes, Ouch.

    its not as uncomfortable as you think it depends on how you sit

    I use my controllers as belts but I just run the wire through the belt loops. started doing it 4 years ago cause I didn't have a belt that fit and have been doing it ever since. nice instructable though.

    seems simple enough... just dont put the real belt buckle right to your front, more off to the side, under your shirt. or maybe even wear the belt backwards... find a belt with a simple, and SMALL buckle. i hear they are doing some great things with magnets these days.... i wonder if i have my large old xbox controller somewhere... hrmmmmmm... hah aha h

    I don't get it, how did you connect it?