The goal of this project is to build a simple tool to easily make holes in plastic and thin wood quickly, plug 'n play style. I have drills, but I don't like the idea of having to switch the bits all the time just to make a small hole for a screw. There's also the option of using a soldering iron, but that forces us to clean the tip later. There had to be a better, less messy way.

After trying all sorts of stuff like heating nails, using shower resistances and graphite leads from mechanical pencils, I had the idea to make this, which worked perfectly! The tool is very easy to build, in fact it's almost obvious and sometimes I wonder how hadn't I thought of this before.

Step 1: Materials

Here's what you are going to need:

  • A small DC motor - maybe from an old RC car, toy or a hairdryer, which was the kind I used
  • A cable with two wires
  • Something to grind: a grinding wheel, a piece of sandpaper or a file all should work
  • A battery or a power supply for your motor voltage. The image shows a 7.2V lipo battery, that will give a pretty good torque for those toy motors
  • A connector to connect to your battery
  • A push-button or switch
I'm pretty sure an rc car motor isn't powerful enough. Still, with a strong motor it is a good idea and more convenient
<p>I've made something like this a few years ago, without a lot of success. The drill bit itself isn't really sharp, so you have to apply a lot of force, but when you do that, the motor bogs down.</p><p>If it melts the plastic, it might work, though.</p>
<p>The key to working here is the heat produced by friction. If the motor gets stuck, there are a few things that you cold do:</p><p>-Increasing voltage (will give higher rpm);</p><p>-Use a power source that can supply more current (this will improve torque) </p><p>-Try to make the bit sharper;</p><p>-Last but not least, get a bigger motor.</p>
<p>So maybe very, <em>very </em>thin wood!</p>

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Bio: I'm an enginnering student who loves to build stuff!
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