Hi there! I am 13 so I will be entering the Robot Contest for the 13-18 age group! This robot is the simplest thing I have ever made. It is intended for anyone who has very little experience with electronics. You'll learn how to use switches and motors! You won't need a whole bunch of parts from electronic stores either! Most of the parts are found in your house! It has three wheels and basically just goes straight! You can find so many uses for such a simple robot!

Step 1: Materials!

Parts (Mostly in your house)

-A base- This is used to hold everything together. I used a piece of cardboard from a box getting thrown away. You could use plastic or metal or whatever!
-Two Electric DC Motors- These can be found in most anything that spins! Fans, pencil sharpeners, RC Cars. Try to make sure they're the same size, although that doesn't mean they're the same.
-Two AA 1.5V batteries- Both of these will supply three volts to the motors.
- Bottle Caps- You don't exactly have to use bottle caps. Anything round you can find to use as wheels! Bottle caps don't have the best traction, although they work on short carpet!
- Some Tooth Picks- These are used as the axle for the front wheel. 
- A Two Position Switch- These have three pins. I will describe them more later.
- Some Wire- To connect the batteries to the switch to the motors.
- NOT IN THE PICTURE-  2 Popsicle sticks. These are used to attach the front wheel axle to the base of the car. 


A Hot Glue Gun- Used to hold everything together. NO SOLDERING! Use the Hot Glue Gun with caution!
Hot Glue- Kind of implied but I thought I'd say it anyway!
Clippers or Scissors- Used to cut everything from the wire to the cardboard.
(Optional) Wire Clippers- Very helpful to making wire connections.
A Drill Press- (Or Something sharp to make a hole.) This is to drill the wheels to go onto the motors!
A "Holder"- Something to hold a tooth pick up so you can use both hands. This could be another person.

<p>What does this robot do again? I would love to see this simple robot made in a bigger capacity actually. Since I work house removals, it would actually be quite helpful to have an automated trolley to help us move furniture around.</p>
that's not even a robot, but nice anyway. btw, if yer a roboticist, you can join and post yer robots here: http://letsmakerobots.com/<br>and if yer a young lad who has a good hands on maing robots, you can join our group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/267366186685242/
no i can work as base for the robot and you just need to cntrol the motors and the battery to a Arduino or microcontroller
Yeah, I know it's not what most people would consider a &quot;robot&quot;. But the Robotics challenge was aiming at building robots K-12 could build. I think it's great as a first robot because even though it doesn't do much, it teaches about using switches and motors. The other point of the contest was to make it with recycled parts. And I believe I did.<br><br>Thanks,<br>Tommy

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