Introduction: The Simplest IPOD Projector, or Any Backlit Device

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The simplest projector known to mankind.

Step 1: Supplies-

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This is all you will need to make the BEST projector ever:

-A creative mind
-any kind of tape
-scrap cardboard (i used a ripped shoe box)
-scissors (maybe)
-ipod or back lit device

Step 2: Step Uno

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Position the device in the cardboard, then go somewhere dark to test the projector.

Hold the magnifying glass about 6 inches from the device and move it back and forth until the picture is the best.

Step 3: STEP Dos

Once you have the perfect distance between the device and the magnifying glass, tape it up so it stays.


UberGalacticEmpire (author)2009-05-05

Ok well i tried this because i was bored and i spent the entire day working with this kind of easy building mechanic and you would be surprised how much fun it was, but it was tough and it did not look neat. It also looked very blurry.

Move the distance between the ipod and the lenses (also move the distance between lens A and B) to focus.

akhile1996 (author)2010-02-20

 is that iriver e100

waffleman (author)akhile19962010-04-16

are you high? its a 3rd generation ipod nano.

cyrozap (author)2009-02-04

Simple, yes, but the image will invert as said by previous comments. Other simple iPod projectors use a mirror to make the image right and have the iPod on top.

misemono (author)cyrozap2009-02-05

best to make an enclosure around the mag glass with 2 pieces for sliding back and forth to focus, then turn the ipod upside down

misemono (author)misemono2009-02-05

also, you might want to watch your movies in a pitch black cave

cyrozap (author)misemono2009-02-06

Or in the infinite darkness of deep space.

yummahcupekakez (author)cyrozap2009-08-13

or use fat albert as a screen jk

lol nice

Mikedood (author)cyrozap2009-11-19

IMMA FIRE MAH LAZER!!!!!              But srsly, show some projection

gam3r987456321 (author)2010-02-19

i agree with misfit please put a pic of something being projected. it would help alot. :)

misfit7707 (author)2009-11-14

Can you post an image of the projection? If you're making a tutorial on building a projector, you should show it projecting something.

fattydre (author)2009-07-27

cool cutco scissors

flataffect (author)2009-02-04

This won't work. The image will invert.

Wafflicious (author)flataffect2009-02-15

Try inverting the ipod?

Izokay (author)2009-02-08

The image gets inverted, and it is near impossible to focus it to a point that the projection is big enough.

ac1D (author)2009-02-04

this make me laugh. the backlight of your little ipod is way too weak for that. trust me. even a telescope would not make it work.

Karel Jansens (author)2009-02-04

As noted, for a proper, right-side-up image -- and for focusing -- you'll need two lenses, but even then the image will be woefully weak. It's telling that you didn't include pictures of your "projector" in action.

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