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I wanted to dress my daughter as Maggie for her first Halloween and ran with the idea by having my boyfriend and I dressing as Homer and Marge. Although it seemed to be a fairly easy costume to make, it took me about 2 weeks to put them all together. I made everything except for Homer and Maggies clothes. I made the eyes by cutting styrofoam balls in half and gluing them to plastic glasses. Homers eyelids are felt and Marges lashes are pipe cleaners. I drilled small holes in the styrofoam balls and colored them black with a marker. They were hard to see out of, so we only used them for photos. I made Maggies hair with felt I glued onto a headband and I put red craft foam around a red handled pacifier. Homers hair is also a headband made with felt and pipe cleaners. I constructed Marges hair by gluing bubble wrap to poster board and spray painting it blue. Her necklace is stryofoam balls I painted red and I hot glued red felt to my slippers to make her shoes. I bought 3 pairs of yellow nylons which I cut a hole in the crotch of one pair to put over my head and used the legs as sleeves. Another pair I cut the legs off for Homers arms (I attempted to make them gloves but my boyfriends hands were too big so they ripped, so as a quick fix we covered them with dish gloves), and the third pair I left as-is for my legs.The dress is just green fabric I wrapped around myself and pinned together. For an added special touch, I printed out a Duff label and put it around a drink koozie and a picture of Bart and Lisa and glued them to a wooden dowel.



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    That's cool! Good job and thanks for sharing!

    Love it really cheered me up thank you :-D