Step 8: Results

Picture of Results
Late one night I went into the office and carefully chose 3 keyboards to terrorize and an hour later I was done. The following day the first person got the music playing right away, since he always uses caps instead of shift. He was baffled for a couple of hours, muting the sound on his computer and still wondering why it was making noise. Eventually he turned over the keyboard to find my note, and got a good laugh out of it. Strangely enough, he didn’t want me to remove it.

The second victim found it sometime after lunch. I wandered by, acting as innocent as I could, and suggesting “Try turning your sound off” then asking “Did you install anything today? Could it be a virus?” She started getting a bit concerned and I couldn’t hold a straight face any longer and ended up giving away my guilt.

The last guy never uses caps, so after waiting 2 weeks for it to happen and I had to coerce him to press the key.

I still have 5 more units setup and ready to go, I just have to find more victims…

Somebody took my instructions and made a video out of it. Here it is:
granjef36 years ago
i think he did not want it removed so he would be forced to use the shift key... or else!