Picture of The Sipriani Rifle
Check my White Tiger V2 Rifle too!

"Mods" by The_Builder, go to this link.
"Mods" by Kookoo For Knex, go to this link.

This is it: My Sipriani Rifle
It's a high-powered rifle that shoots about 35 to 110 ft depending on the amount of rubberbands

-True trigger
-Very powerful
-Comfortable handle

-Could give some physic damage when hit (DON'T FIRE THIS AT ANYONE)

For short:
It's very recommendable rifle.

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Step 1: Piece List

Picture of Piece List
Piece list

70 green rods
47 white rods
4 red connectors
1 y connector
2 ball sockets
41 yellow connectors
4 grey 2slot connectors
2 white snowflakes
4 green connectors
12 blue rods
15 grey connectors

Step 2: The Chain

Picture of The Chain
This part is not neccasery, but it just makes it look cool.
and this way, you can carry it.

Step 3: The Handle

Picture of The Handle
The Sipriani Rifle 010.jpg
The Sipriani Rifle 011.jpg
This part is needed for comfort and for the safety of your fingers.

Step 4: The Rear

Picture of The Rear
The Sipriani Rifle 005.jpg
This part is for stablitity and for protecting your eye when sniping.

Step 5: Trigger

Picture of Trigger
The Sipriani Rifle 007.jpg
The Sipriani Rifle 008.jpg
The Sipriani Rifle 009.jpg
This part is for holding the rubberbands from flying everywhere!

Step 6: The Barrel

This is the most important and, finger torturing part that is needed for holding the bullet.

Step 7: Putting the rifle together

Pic 1:barrel + trigger
Pic 2:put them together
Pic 3:trigger + rear
Pic 4:put them together
Pic 5:chain + barrel
Pic 6:put them together
Pic 7:handle + trigger
Pic 8:put them together

Step 8: The rubberband holders

Picture of The rubberband holders
build these two.

Step 9: The rubberbands

Picture of The rubberbands
The Sipriani Rifle 030.jpg
The Sipriani Rifle 031.jpg
pic A: put the rubberband as shown
pic B: put the rubberband as shown
pic C: put on the rubberband holders as shown

Step 10: Ammo

Picture of Ammo
The bullets:
they come in grey, black, white and blue.

Step 11: You're done!!!

Picture of You're done!!!
Well you've built yourself the Sipriani Rifle
Have freaking much fun with my gun!!!
What those Black things caled so i can look in the piece list for how many I need.
It doesn't say how many u need. I think it is up to u to decide how many u need
crigstar5 years ago
they are chane from rollercosters