The Sipriani Rifle V3.0 (FT210)





Introduction: The Sipriani Rifle V3.0 (FT210)

Check my A-600 "Low Ridah" Chopper too!

Finally, the V3 arrived!
Sorry about the deadline, i was way to positive about it.
Anyway, not much to say anymore, assuming it's basically the same gun as the Sip V1 but with very heavy modding.
I'll just say some pros and no's:

-High range
-In true Jeremy Clarkson style: POWEEEEER!!!
-Sturdy frame
-Sniper scope

-High piece use

You like?
Let's build then, shall we?

Step 1: Barrel

This is as the title goes; the barrel.
I don't know how to add notes anymore, so sorry.
Any questions, just ask and i'll see what i can do.

Step 2: Bullet

If you can't build this..
You can leave this to the end though, but this way you already have it.
No new flashy sling ammo, a standard Sipriani V1, V2, and from now on, V3 bullet.

Step 3: Upper Stock

This is the top part of the stock, pretty easy.

Step 4: Lower Stock

This is the side which makes it a bit more sturdy, although you wouldn't say so.

Step 5: Scope

This is the first scope in the (original) Sipriani series i might as well call it.

Step 6: The Strap

This is basically the Sipriani's trade mark, like Mr. Bubbles' iconic drill from Bishock, or the puppet in the Saw movie series.

Step 7: Handle + Trigger

This might be a little triggy...
I know, i suck at these kind of jokes.
Anyway, pretty hard to build so stay focused.

Step 8: Assembly

The one thing you can't skip.
Any questions, just ask.

Step 9: Reloading

Left 4 Dead qoute:
You have to learn how to do this to actually use the gun.

Part 1:
Normal condition.
Part 2:
Snap off one side of the scope.
Part 3:
Pull back the rubberbands (i suggest using 64's, since the give the most power).
Part 4:
Lay in the ammo.
Part 5:
Snap the scope back on.

You're done RELOADING!!!

Step 10: You're Done!

Well, well..
You built yourself the Sip V3.
Hope you like it and have freaking much fun with my k'nex gun!



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    it originates from gta vice city and gta liberty city stories

    I just built it hoping to fire it tomorrow :)

    I'm curious where this gun originates from. Was it from a GTA game (the picture seems to indicate so), or was it a original model by you?

    i think you can handle the handle ;)

    I built, and put 2 bands on it. I am really scared to shoot the idiot I call my brother now.

    Im going to make this gun to see if it can get 210ft XD I like all of your guns XD

    Cheers, again, lol.

    I cant get 210 ft with the barrel length of this version, my bands kept snapping, had to shorten the barrel. Im using 3 #64's.