Step 2: The Weave.

Picture of The Weave.
Hold the loom with one pair-of-pairs vertically in front of you.

Take hold of the bottom two strands (C & D), and move them both one space to the right (anti-clockwise). The right-hand strand will temporarily be sharing a slot with another strand.

Take hold of the top two strands (A & B) and move them both one space to the left (also anti-clockwise). Slot the right-hand strand (B) into place, but bring the left-hand strand (A) down to fill the vacant space at the bottom of the loom.

Lift the bottom-right strand (D) out of the shared slot and move it to the vacant slot at the top of the loom.

Turn the whole loom a one-eighth turn to the left (anti-clockwise), and repeat the whole thing again.

Keep this up until you run out of either patience or wool.

By popular demand (well, one comment, one PM and a phone-call), I have added a video of the weaving action:

I'm kinda runnning out of stuff to make looms with....

My 8-knotched loom was 4 pieces of flat lego stuck together.....

Any idea of matierials (That can be worked by hand easly)?

Thanks in advance
you could use a paper plate tha's been cut down to size.
Kiteman (author)  brooklynlord5 years ago
Scrap card should last for at least one braid.

Somebody else says they use an old CD - cut notches with a hacksaw and sand off the rough bits.

Just about anything will do the job.
cammy13455 years ago
Hi there everyone,
I have used a plastic ice cream lid for Kitemans 8 slot disc. I wanted to use up strips of patchwork material. So I used a compass, blade knife,ruler and a paper punch. After cutting the disc from the lid, I cut a circle in the centre about the size of our old 2 cent piece (Australia). Then measured and ruled the slots. Cut 1cm slots then punched a hole at the end of the slot. This allowed me to use 3cm wide strips of material and the holes hold it in place as I go around. My idea is to coil the material rope up to make a colourful floor mat. So far it is working a treat. I just slip stitch a new strip on as I run out of strip.  I also roll the strips up and pin them so I don't end up with a tangled mess.
Good job Kiteman keep it up :) Cheers Janey
Lorem6 years ago
Wooow , very nice, I just hope you can make a video.. no matter how many times i´ve tried.. i just don´t get. it.. hehe :P Thank you..
Kiteman (author)  Lorem6 years ago
OK, video's in the pipeline.
Lorem Kiteman6 years ago
Thaaaaanks... Now i finally see it... thank you!!!!!!