The Skeletoque Aka the Skeleclava


Introduction: The Skeletoque Aka the Skeleclava

Ok, this one takes some background explanation. My friend introduced me to the work of Sido (read the wikipedia article [ here]). Sometime shortly after, I saw this incredibly clever beard-a-clava over at boing-boingboing-boing . The two influences ran together in my head like two silver rivers of creativity rushing towards the sea of craftiness. I had to make it: The skeleclava.

In the end, i settled on a toque format for a couple of reasons, but the original name persists.



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    Do you have a knitting pattern available? It looks like you're knitting in the round, but I'm not sure how you managed the eye holes. With some color variations and extension of the teeth, it would make a great cthulhu or zoidberg.

    Your hat is soooooooo great! I was wondering if you would share more details on the pattern and materials?? My husband would LOVE one of these. Please? gnomegarden(at)gmail(dot)com.