Picture of The SkyWalker TallBike Project
SkyWalker is a radical two wheeler that allows the bicycle hacking adrenaline junkie to surf the skies while at the same time amusing or confusing the slack-jawed onlookers below. Sure, tallbikes are nothing new, and have been around since the 1800's, but SkyWalker takes things to new heights by allowing the rider to climb up and down the frame while the bike is in motion. What this means for tallbike pilots is that they no longer have to cling to a telephone pole to mount the bike, and worry about finding another pole when it comes time to dismount. SkyWalker is designed so that the pilot can control the bike from the ground, and all the way up to the top while climbing the built in ladder. Since the handle bars double as ladder handrails, the pilot is under complete control of the tallbike during the entire ascent.

Why would a person want to build and ride a 12 foot two wheeler you ask? To win a Darwin award? Train for the circus? Overcome a fear of heights? Set a world record? Who can say, but for me it has always been the same reason - because it's fun, and it beats sitting on my butt watching the tube!

The SkyWalker idea was originally drawn on a coffee stained napkin, and then later transferred to a 3D concept as shown in Photo1. The 3D model was used to get a better idea if the steering and transmission would actually work, since the frame was somewhat complex and involved a bizarre linked steering system. Normally, I just grab whatever scrap metal I can find and go nuts with the welder when making crazy bikes like this, but for SkyWalker I decided to follow the 3D plan exactly so I knew the final product would actually work as planned.

The photos presented here are somewhat low quality due to the fact that I built SkyWalker outdoors in early spring while the ground was still frozen, and did not actually intend to document it very much. Some of the photos were also taken at night, as I built the entire tallbike in one weekend just for a fun change.

SkyWalker is made of nothing more than a few standard bicycle components salved from the dump and a few lengths of thin walled electrical conduit from the hardware store. Even the curved tubes are nothing more than factory elbows. As for tools, I only used an angle grinder and a basic AC welder, nothing more. In other words, anyone with a pile of scrap bike parts and some tubing can do the same using any welder at all.

More cool projects can be found at: and
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furthuron2 years ago
man, this is such a great ible!! love the bike. i would love to ride something like this. i don't know why people look at the dangerous cons so much. have some fun!
Dr.Paj6 years ago
I have an idea for another bike, you could have both wheels turn the opposite direction (such as some long vehicles like firetrucks) for quicker turns. Just a thought.
Derin Dr.Paj6 years ago
for that reason our tractor has two brakes,one for the left wheel and one for the right
sSkEzAfNs Derin2 years ago
im pretty sure that what he means is that, for turning right, have the front wheel turn towards the right and the back wheel turn towards the left, and vice versa for turning left.
Derin Derin6 years ago
A small piece holds the pedals together for normal braking.
KoolKat (author)  Dr.Paj6 years ago
Dr.Paj KoolKat6 years ago
Well, fine, it's already about....a bike with tank like treads on the front and back instead of wheels (ultimate snow bike).
wouldn't it be hard to pedal it in snow?
ilpug2 years ago
Have you fallen?
I have to wonder- How do you get off of it? If you stop, it's falling one way or the other. I imagine turning is relatively easy with the chopper-like castor though
find a lamp pole,hold on it,climb slowly down,watch bike fall over and shatter into a million pieces
If you read it, he said that you use the gyroscopics of the bike moving forward to get on and off.
OTNAKR24 years ago
this was sooo long but i loved it! when i saw "Step 27" for some reason i this "Step 27,234,243,344" lol
that'd hurt if you fell off
ClockBot5 years ago
The physics of a bike is crazy. It's like trying to balance a pencil upright on your finger (really hard) then balance a broom upright on your finger and it's really easy! It's weird but on a bike the higher your CG the more balanced you are.
csorrows5 years ago
People keep asking how you get on, don't be lazy and just read the instructable. He explains the whole thing.
Patman275 years ago
What if you made two of these, (identical of course) and made a stilt-like four-wheeler? You could weld strong pipes from one to the other around the rider's area, and you could even ride it over cars if it were tall enough. You'd have to join steering and power, of course.
*if it were wide enough*
death in the making. AWESOME!!! (not the death, the bike)
Stzzo6 years ago
Would love to see the video, but couldn't find it on atomiczombie. Mostly, I want to know how you get on and off :-). Looks like you'd fall over before getting going... Do you give it a push, jump on, and climb up while it's rolling?
KoolKat (author)  Stzzo5 years ago
The video can be seen at .
TK$8Ball Stzzo5 years ago
tht would suc if u fell
KoolKat (author)  Stzzo6 years ago
Just go to and click on videos. You can see that the tallbike is mounted and dismounted while in motion, which is why the handlebars span the entire height of the frame. Brad
That's a sweet bike. You are the god of homemade bikes, for sure.

Where is the video on your website? I got to this page, but I don't see either of your tallbikes on there.
Mexicoman6 years ago
Maybe should have airplane instead. Also, weld with torch, not look so bad. much strong. Is much fun, la bicicleta para hacer la mirada de chicas. Buenas nochas, amigo. Quizá usted tiene suerte.
Your Spanish is horrible .
I sure hope your not mexican lol it looks like you used google translator!
Bridel5685 years ago
I can't find your video
im 12 and i made 1 and i can ride it! i also had like 25 girls followin me all day at school. girls r good....
yeah... girls are good.....
How the hell are you twelve and have access to a welder!!!! lucky duck... ;(
im 10 and I play with the (unplugged) welder all the time,my parents think of teaching me how to weld
My Dad Says "it's to dangerous" :'(
it is
Then why do you do it lol?
I don't yetithey just said they are about to teach me,when I fooled around that arc welder was unplugged
soad226 years ago
i would make it,but it would hurt to fall,lol
biolb6 years ago
Hi,I'm a journalist from China.Could you give me your email?This is
nerfer1926 years ago
nope i can see it you twist those bars at the top
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