Have you ever been so comfortably warm in your sleeping bag you didn't want to get out, but it was time to start cooking breakfast and move forward with your day? Has it ever been so chilly while camping you wanted to wear your sleeping bag all day? Or, have you ever just wanted to walk around your home in in your sleeping bag, just because? In one afternoon you can easily modify a sleeping bag to make all of the above possible. 

I was inspired a little bit by the bags by Selk'Bag (http://www.selkbagusa.com/selkbag__models.aspx)  and a little bit by this bag by Alite Designs (http://shop.alitedesigns.com/sexy-hotness-sleeping-bag.html). But I was mostly inspired by those nights sleeping outside when I needed a drink of water, but I didn't want to remove my upper half from the sleeping bag just to do so. And those times laying in a sleeping bag reading when my arms and shoulders are cold, but my legs are warm. 

Simply by adding arms, legs, and suspender-style (and adjustable) straps, I was able to modify a sleeping bag to fit my needs. 

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies


1 Synthetic Sleeping Bag (down will be very very difficult to sew - all the feathers will fluff out and your sleeping bag will lose warmth)
1 Pair Baselayer Pants (synthetic, wool, whatever you like really. And whatever size fits you)
1 Pair Arm Warmers (these must go beyond the elbow - a lot of arm warmers are really just wrist warmers)

Sewing Machine
Super Glue/Fabric Glue/Hot Glue (Maybe)
Elastic or Webbing (Approximately 2-3 yards)
Velcro Strips (8" total)
Needle and Thread
Fabric Scissors
Fabric Pencil/Marker

Hopefully you already have your basic sewing supplies, so you won't need to buy them. As for a sleeping bag, I bought an inexpensive new one just in case I ruined my old one. I recommend finding a sleeping bag at a thrift store, on Ebay (what I did), or using one your currently have, as long as it isn't a really expensive one.

For the base layer bottoms, I ordered a pair online that were on sale. I wanted them to be synthetic so they would dry quickly. You could also use cotton leggings, or any type of pants. You will be cutting these apart, so don't use your favorite jeans or vintage long underwear. You could also opt for pants that had feet built in, footy pajama style.

I thought about crocheting arm warmers for this project, but because time was the limiting factor I bought a pair online that fit my needs. There are so many types of arm warmers out there, feel free to get creative.

I used elastic for the straps and it is a bit too stretchy. I would recommend webbing for solid and supportive straps. 
<p>Thank you for the instructable. </p><p>BTW, *#&amp;^ Angies List. I don't like it. </p><p>I love this Instructable. Rock on!</p>
Not to ruin your fun or anything but you know you can buy a wearable sleeping bag on amazon for $45-$150 depending on size, color, and temperature it is approved up to.
<p>This is why I love instructables</p>
Pure genius, I love it.
Very creative!!
Love the idea. I had been thinking about something similar to make and give to homeless folks. I was thinking more along the lines of a coat that, during the day, the lower portion of the bag would fold up &amp; Velcro to the back. The hood would tuck in under the back flap. When it came time to sleep, everything would unfold, Velcro back together in the form of a sleeping bag. The pattern/process for making them could be made readily available and folks that like to sew could make and donate just one each to the local homeless shelter for distribution. Lots of folks doing just a little can make a huge difference!
Fun idea and I love that you gave it a name (make sure you bag the web domain for that!). <br>The arms and legs would be easier to sew on if, after pinning, you tack (baste/loosely handsew) them with needle and thread in stitches abut 1cm (half inch) long. This will hold things together nicely while you sew it on the machine, and means you can take the pins out before sewing - then you don't have to worry about sewing over the pins (which will bend or break your needle if you hit it), or pulling them out as you go. <br> <br>For the arm warmers you could use the arms off an old sweatshirt or buy one for a couple of dollars from an op shop (thrift store).
Fantastic..five star stuff.
Absolutely well-done 'ible. Good job! Pics and instructions very clear. I'm thinking that the rectangle bag would be better. Maybe cut the hood off the mummy-bag and sew it to the top opening of the rectangle-bag? Perhaps open the bottom of the bag completely, making the sleeping bag a put-on-over-the-head style of bag? Wear it like a long robe with sleeves? Lots of possibilities.
My number 1 reason for not wanting to leave the sleeping bag is to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Maybe version 2 can contain a butt flap or front fly? I'd be sold after that.
very nice work!
Cool Idea, but I don't think I would do a snap, 2 magnets would work better and require less work to find if you snap it up behind you.
This is cool. Great job
We do something similar with blankets. I've been meaning to make an instructable about it for some time.
Weeelllll -- It seems more to me, like a solution waiting for a problem, but then I grew up when Pollypro, Hollo/Qualo-fill and Goose down were still in the future of sleeping bags, and you just had to suck it up. However I definitely give you an A+ for a terrific effort and an excellent description of the execution, and ANOTHER A+ for showing us something that is well in keeping with the spirit of this site. Progress is never made by those who stand still and accept the status-quo. <br> <br>Thank you for posting this neat idea- AND for admitting that you had better ideas after you'd built the prototype. That is what real inventors have done throughout history! <br>Greg
May I suggest an additional mod ? Zipped openings to accommodate personal functions in the middle of the night ?
Awesome Idea, Thank you! <br>.
I dig this. There have been many times I don't want to get out of the sleeping bag and it makes it twice as hard since I use a hammock. Not sure how well it would work on a down bag but awesome idea.
This is amazingly awesome.
Amazing idea! When can I buy one? The worst thing about camping is getting up in the middle of the night, and if you live in the UK you generally have to get dressed before even contemplating going outside. I'd love to contribute if this ended up on Kickstarter.

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