Step 2: Let the Build Begin!

Let's begin with the lid and sleeve, this is a crucial part. (actualy, all parts are crucial but this sounds a lot cooler).

I used a 10mm (0.4 inch) drill bit and drilled a hole in the middle of the lid to get things going, from there I used a hobby knife to cut the hole to size. Eventualy the PVC sleeve should fit snugly in the hole.
Be very carefull here, cutting in you finger with a very sharp hobbyknife actualy doesn't hurt all that much. But the stitching to close up the wound will hurt very, very much!!!

After inserting the sleeve, you can hotglue the two together. The lid I used hapened to have a nice reservoir for the glue to settle in, if yours doesn't, try to get a good amount of glue on both parts. The glue is for holding the two together and make an airtight seal.

This would be great at shooting snails as well. Great job!
Thank you, but wouldn't the snail's house be in the way? The slug has to make an airtight seal to be effective.<br>I tried to shoot a very smal slug one time and it shot about 2 meters. But i have to admit, the sound it made, had me laughing for the next half hour. That was the wettest fart i ever heard :o)
Yes, now that I give it some more thought, the shell probably wouldn't make a proper seal. Maybe some reusable plastic shells (to put the snail in) that come apart once out of the barrel?
Well, there is a solution for every problem...<br>We have a pear-tree in our garden and i think we will end up with well over 100Kilo's of pears (again). We like pears, but not that much. So we will have a healthy suply of perfectly shootable pears. I guess everybody has some fruit or vegy plant with some left-over's.<br>Use this as a plug behind the snail as a perfect seal. This way the snail even has an in flight meal.
the worlds first supersonic slug lol
Because slugs are very slow creatures, I expect to get the first sonic boom in a week or 2 ;o)
Nice idea!!! I was wondering if it would work with lighter gas... Did you tried it?
Thanks for your comment.<br>I haven't tried lightergas so far (I have 2 can's of startergas and my car just keeps starting on it's own so I have to empty them this way ;o)<br>But i think it should work. I guess that every flamable gas could be used, though not every gas has the same power. Some gasses burn faster than others so it might even be a better solution then the can's i have to empty.

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