Introduction: The Smallest Generator 230 V 2017 Project

In the rows below we will show you how can you create the smallest generator 230 V AC, powered with only one rechargeable battery 1.2 V

Step 1: Materials and Operations

1.coil without core (iron - less) from a syncronous 230 V motor - A4 laminators, microwaves

2.Cd rom Dc motor ( inside Cd ROM unit )

3.battery 1.2 V rechargeable

4. 10 mm diameter neodymium magnet sphere

5. MR 16 - 3 W - 230 V led

6. power switch + wires

7. Glue used to fix the small dc motor to coil

8.metal nut + plastic conector - fix the neodymium sphere on the metal nut between magnetic poles (the rotor) than fix the rotor through plastic connector to the Dc motor ax

9. assemble all the components


sciencetoolbar made it! (author)2017-08-11

created in educational purpose

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