Step 13: Tool Storage Cabinet

A simplify idea from the WOOD Special magazine. Its dimension are W32XH32XD13 inches and is a very cleaver idea to have lots of storage in a tiny space, about 7 square feet of wall area will give you about 26 square feet of storage space.

At the bottom of the cabinet there are 7 removable screw bins (2 divited in half) which holds most of the common screws I need. Bins are made out of 3/4" plywood and 1/4" MDF.

Made of 3/4 plywood it rolls on 4 casters so that its mobile and I can roll it out to the open if needed. The only trick here is to organize it correct - plan it on paper before putting up the tools on the wooden surface. I think it’s one of the best storage ideas I have ever seen.

Basically that’s about it... The Smallest Workshop in the World!
With lots of patience and love you can build almost any project you want even if it looks impossible.
Stelios L.A. Stavrinides
Nicosia - Cyprus
GeluB26 days ago
jennyminnema5 months ago

Thanks for the inspiration! very clever solutions in such a small space.

SantaB2 years ago
Here are links to the cabinet I created after seeing this project.



I wish the pictures got bigger when you clicked on them or there where instructions on the things you used for hanging your tools on the doors, but for now the inspiration is enough. Thanks! :-)
Congratulations! Very good ideas for small workspaces.
anoma3 years ago
very good , i like your idea tool storage cabinet,thank you
deanorbs4 years ago
This is really a great idea for a storage cabinet!
Harvard824 years ago
Excellent!!!! It's one of the greatest Instructables I've seen so far. My workbench construction starts tomorrow, but there's no way it will be as nice as yours.
Wardogz5 years ago
Ive got to say that last night was one of the best nights on the net when i stumbled on this website about 10pm i was up till 3 am when i got up this morning i came straight back on. i seen your work table last night and it opened my eyes mate i cant believe how blind i was thank you plus i checked more stuff out from others and i had a brain explosion to much info in 1 night anyway i jump on this morning and had another look at your table and came across this box thank you again i have found my next project Cheers.
You humble me, bud. The amazing things you do with so little. You are an inspiration. One thing is for sure, one day you will make some woman a very, very happy wife. If I had it to do over again, I would have made more things for my wife. The funny thing is, I have lots of lovely tools now, but I built far more things back when I had very little. You've done some amazing work with so little. Your setup is inspiring. Hopefully one day you'll have a nice, big shop of your own, until then keep doing the wonderful things you are.
ta2edfreak5 years ago
Thank you...
 Thanks for the wonderful ideas! I love your tool storage idea! Very inspirational!
izzat435 years ago
I will never complain about enough space ever again.
rhart235 years ago
I really like this storage cabinet!  Nice work I think I need to do the same and not spend $800 on a craftsman or something similar.   I like most the double doors so all your tools are so accessible and its on castors.   I think a 5X5 work station in my gargage might actually allow me to park my car in it again. Thanks for sharing!