Step 6: 5. Router with Fence and Lift

Installing the router is no different than other tutorials. I made my own router table plate from 11/32 clear acrylic on which later I put red plastic adhesive for color (the clearness of the plate was distracting me from the work piece). A miter track slot is also there and on the joint circular saw and router fence I can now attach an external 2 piece fence with the use of special clamps.

An inexpensive router lift method is used with the help of a scissor car jack. Mine is a replacement out of my car’s jack as it is very smooth to turn and has accuracy down to the millimeter.
<p>My WORD! What more can I say? Well researched, well thought out and very well done! Salute!!!</p>
<p>Oh, How I envy and want your workshop... ;)</p>
<p>I am sorry if you have already answered this, but have shared the SketchUp files?</p><p>I agree with you that SketchUp is a great drafting program and use it extensively. I have a workspace that is just as small as yours but I would like to adjust your design in sketchup before trying to build it. Thank you in advance, and have to say it is an amazing design.,</p>
<p>nice work, very good use of the space you have.</p>
<p>This is great, but I must admit mine is smaller LOL! <a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Workshop-Space-in-a-Rental-Place/" rel="nofollow">http://www.instructables.com/id/Workshop-Space-in-...</a></p><p>You have done an amazing job in your space. WOW. </p>
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<p> &alpha; &rho;&epsilon; &epsilon;&lambda;&lambda;&alpha;&delta;&alpha; !</p>
thank you for sharing this, i feel inspired to try something similar.
<p>Hi Stelios, many thanks for sharing your work :D One of my particular favourites was the use of the car jack mechanism to adjust and fine tune the router height - that's absolute genius! </p><p>I have an old washing machine motor sitting in front of me and I was actually looking for projects showing DIY circular sanders. I do also want to build a small lathe. Your idea combining two tools, both using the same motor, is brilliant! I now have in mind a combined lathe / sander machine now, thankyou :D</p><p>I built a fold-out micro workshop a couple of years ago for space saving reasons. I've spent many dozens of hours using it so far and get great pleasure out of using it : <a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Transformer-Workshop-and-Outdoor-Living-Area/" rel="nofollow"> http://www.instructables.com/id/Transformer-Works...</a></p><p>Thanks again for sharing!</p>
<p>I don't have the money to GO PRO However if I'm allowed to look at these &quot;your&quot; drawings and instructions I will most defiantly build my own off of yours IF YOU DON'T mind. Very very cool, Love this stuff</p>
<p>Thanks for the inspiration! very clever solutions in such a small space.</p>
<p>great use of a small space.</p><p>have you seen this</p><p><a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Complete-workshop-in-a-shelf/" rel="nofollow">http://www.instructables.com/id/Complete-workshop-...</a></p>
<p>Congratulations mate, really nicely done!!!</p>
<p>Inspiring, thoughtful work. Thank you for sharing it!</p>
<p>Inspiring, thoughtful work. Thank you for sharing it!</p>
<p>The ingenuity in this is incredible! The conversion of hand held power tools to bench tools is pure genius. To incorporate all of the tools into one ultra-mobile cart is mind boggling. Great job!</p>
<p>This is amazing! There are so many excellent ideas in here. Many thanks.</p>
<p>Very Nice!<br>This reinterprets the term small place. And gives great inspiration.</p><p>I thought I have a small place, but you won.<br></p>
<p>This is fantastic! I'm going to have to build a version of this myself as soon as possible. </p><p>Hmmm, wonder if I could get it to fit into my van so I can bring everything out to work sites. </p>
<p>Excellent work, Stelios. I don't know how I don't see this before. </p>
<p>I really like your small shop. It is brilliant idea. I am from Greece and I am having the same problems like yours about materials and supplies. I have already bought an curtain aluminum track but I cannot find the screws. Do you have any closeup shot about these screws?</p>
<p>try ask for them from where you bought the track... but are just normal screws I think 3mm</p>
How much would it cost the average joe to build one of the carts with the lathe and other machines. <br>
Also, could you use a washing machine motor for the lathe? Could you turn metal with it? <br>
Apologies for my late reply. <br>I could not answer your question about the cost because mine been a European mast be way higher than yours if you are an American, also most of the power tools I had for some time so I cannot estimate its cost. <br> <br>I am not sure for the washing machine motor, I think it's not fast enough for a lathe and no it is not suitable for metal only wood. <br>Thank you for your comments and visiting
A washing machine motor might work. I've never messed around with them but I would think that while they might not have alot of speed they probably have good torque. By using pullys you could trade that tourque for speed and use a heavy fly wheel to compensate for the trade off. A used treadmill might work better though. They are designed to go fast if you want, they already have the pullies and flywheel you would need and they also have the speed control circuit to run it. I've seen them on craigs list for as low as $50. <br>I'm not familiar with lathes though so I can't say for sure the kind of speed and torque you want on one.
<p>A thing to watch out for with washing machine motors is that some of them have rather a lot of the machine's electronics built in to them, making the extraction of the &quot;raw motor&quot; a nontrivial bit of surgery. Definitely worth trying though.</p>
Ok, so after looking around at bench grinders it looks like you can get a decent one for about the same as you'd pay for a used treadmill with less hassle. Plus, as you stated you also get the duel functionality of a grinder.
Very true. Thank you.
<p>This is a really spectacular build. </p>
<p>Mr. Stavrinides, you are a truly talented man, a great thinker, and an excellent craftsman.</p><p>Thank you very much for sharing this with us.</p>
I have recently downsized from a 2 car garage to a carport. This has inspired me to build a new shop all in one swing out cabinet. Wish me luck!
very cool.
Good God, man. You are very creative! I am in awe of your power to think outside of the box.
I think this is amazing. I'm going to call it Wonder Bench. I was thinking I wanted to build a portable work table that would be multifunctional and also act as a shipping container for my tools when I have to move. I also recently decided not to buy a table saw in favor of building a table mount for my circular saw that could also accomodate a router. This hits everything in one. I'm definately going to download sketch and dream up my own Wonder Bench. Thanks!
Your shop really is inspiring! I will never again complain about how small my enclosed garage shop is. Thank you very much for this instructable!
Excellent! I, too, having a small workspace thought your design was great!
Brilliant improvisation!
I just wanted to say this is soooo innovative and should receive an award or atleast an instructable honorable mention!!!! Great job and like NutZilla said you ought to make an eBook or video of this!!! Awesome job on the &quot;wubicle&quot; (wood workshop cubicle) :) .
I do apologize for not thanking you earlier on your comments, but for some reason I missed it, sorry and thank you very much for your kind words and for visiting
best workshop with maximum utilities.
Thank you very much
Absolutely brilliant!
Thanks for visiting &amp; comments
&Sigma;&tau;έ&lambda;&lambda;&iota;&omicron; &kappa;&alpha;&lambda;&eta;&mu;έ&rho;&alpha;, <br> <br>&Epsilon;&lambda;&pi;ί&zeta;&omega; &nu;&alpha; &mu;&iota;&lambda;ά&sigmaf; &kappa;&alpha;&iota; &nu;&alpha; &gamma;&rho;ά&phi;&epsilon;&iota;&sigmaf; &epsilon;&lambda;&lambda;&eta;&nu;&iota;&kappa;ά. <br>If you do speak and write please let me know. <br>I am a beginner woodworker enthusiast,and i have many questions to make.about all wood-projects you have made. <br>Hope to have enough time. <br> <br>gkpap
&Nu;&alpha;&iota;, &phi;&upsilon;&sigma;&iota;&kappa;ά &kappa;&alpha;&iota; &mu;&iota;&lambda;ώ &Epsilon;&lambda;&lambda;&eta;&nu;&iota;&kappa;&alpha;. <br> <br>&Sigma;&tau;έ&lambda;&iota;&omicron;&sigmaf; :)
The only think I can add is to mount the drill press table as far back out of the way as possible facing the rear, bolted down securely. Then reverse the column to bring the head the front, leaving clear path underneath. <br>
That is a good idea! <br>In my case sometimes I need all the top of the bench so I simple remove the drill press and then its back to its place.
Hi. I'm a beginner woodworking enthusiast, and this is what I've been wishing to have. I'm so happy to find your sharing and it made me to sign-up just to comment. I really think you should (and I hope you will) write a complete and detailed tutorial of building this bench, maybe an e-book. I think there will be many people who are willing to buy the e-book, I know I definitely will. I also wish for demonstrations of using all the features you have in this great bench, like what can you do with this bench. Because I'm a total beginner and there's so many features that I don't understand yet. Great inspiration!

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