Step 6: 5. Router with Fence and Lift

Picture of 5. Router with Fence and Lift
Installing the router is no different than other tutorials. I made my own router table plate from 11/32 clear acrylic on which later I put red plastic adhesive for color (the clearness of the plate was distracting me from the work piece). A miter track slot is also there and on the joint circular saw and router fence I can now attach an external 2 piece fence with the use of special clamps.

An inexpensive router lift method is used with the help of a scissor car jack. Mine is a replacement out of my car’s jack as it is very smooth to turn and has accuracy down to the millimeter.
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Data6433 years ago
You could try a router lift like this one. It seems that it would be a lot easier to use. Very cool shop setup you have, though.
nicely done dude, this is awesome! very inspirational, i might just use some of your ideas and make my own micro woodshop... amazing!
digimancer5 years ago
 lol nice! I have a scissor jack that has a 4x4 bolted to it that I use for a table clamp.