Step 3: Down the Middle

Turn the paper round so that the creased edge is nearest to you.

This edge will become the front of the 'plane.

Sharply crease the 'plane down the centre and then open it up again.
<p>Please note that this design was created by myself, published in a book in the 90s - it would be good to see some credit given for these designs ;(<br><br>Nick Robinson www.origami.me.uk</p>
<p>Sorry, dude - I did give the title, but the author's name was illegible when I got it, and I couldn't find it online in 2008.</p><p>I've added a link to your site now.</p>
<p>thanks for that. I'm happy for my work to be shared, providing credit is given. It's a tricky area, paper planes, since few are associated with a creator like &quot;Kawasaki's Rose&quot;.</p>
This is not the smallest Paper Airplane on Instructables.. Sorry to tell you :D
Find a smaller one <em>that flies!</em>
&nbsp;Is there an age to buy Rolling papers in the US? I'm 15 and don't want any funny looks.
Generally it's smoking age. I live here too, and I've only ever seen rolling papers in smoke shops...which you have to be 18 to enter.
Whoops... here you go!
Cool - why not post an Instructable?
Thanks. OrigamiAirEnforcer has made a nice instructable for the Spirit paper airplane. <br> <br>I bet rolling paper could make extra teeny tiny versions. <br> <br>In any case, check out OAE's stuff and the Spirit... <br> <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Make-The-Spirit-Paper-Airplane/
Interesting, I'll give rolling papers a try sometime. I like using post it notes. Cheap and no dirty looks. <br> <br>In any case, check out my post-it note Spirit paper airplane. <br> <br>Take care, <br>xplanes4u
how big does the paper need to be when you start<br />
Cigarette papers come in fairly standard sizes.<br />
Dang! that flies!?
Yep! It is very sensitive to tiny changes, but with a lttile care you can hold it high, let go and watch it glide the length of a room.
One last thing though, the fact that <em>even</em> your planes have been relegated to the shed sounds bad... <br/><br/>Since my design can actually gain height from heat updrafts I'd assume yours could fly contentedly around the right places...<br/>
The plane isn't relegated to the shed, photography is. Kitewife doesn't want our house plastered all over the net. Plus, if I'd made it in the house, the boys would have pinched it before I could focus the camera...
See I'm fairly careful about it on the likes of 'ibles, not to give all away, thankfully I have a white desk and wall beside it. One option maybe be to use a short depth of field or just white out backgrounds in photoshop/gimp/paint.net maybe even just put a blur in the background which puts the attention on the subject...
Ach, it's easier to stick to the shed, plus, most of the mess stays where it belongs as well.
I suppose so, you may find yourself slowly consuming a room in the house and becoming an unstoppable mess tyrant...
Unfortunately true, but I was <em>really</em> thinking about sawdust, paint, glue...<br/>
Indeed you were... <br/><br/><sup>conspiratorial whispers</sup><br/><br/>At the moment the carpets very glittery because I am filing metal for a project, it's a nuisance but it's kind of interesting...<br/>
...especially when somebody pads past in bare feet...
<em><strong><sub><sup></sup> ahhhh this is like the 45 time today,lol<em><strong><sub><sup></sup></sub></strong></em></sub></strong></em><br/>
KiteKids Kan be Kool like that sometimes.
I made an even smaller one. I'll measure it in '09 (It's at a friend's house).
Oh my gosh! I love that book! The JS dart is the best-looking one, though.
not the smallest
I have a slightly smaller one but flight is not particularly predictable, goes anywhere from one foot to fifteen feet on a throw. I make these at work along with till catapults... For the square edge papers buy the red packets of Rizla, not the green ones...
Is that a glider or a dart?<br/><br/><sub>(Thanks for the Rizla info.)</sub><br/>
In between design, it's kind of complicated to fold, it leans towards dart design but has a seesaw of lift and speed that can make it fly quite far when it's released perfectly, it with go up and down before running out of energy...
Well post it, dear boy, post it!
Shall do, by the way, for an even thinner paper use the big silver rizla's, they're about half the weight of the other ones and translucent which makes the plane look cool...
Finally, something useful comes from being a smoker!
Actually many of my little inventions mightn't have come about had I not been, also cigarettes happen to be made up of some useful materials, the filter is a great flashback arrestor, the tobacco part make an excellent slow burn fuse with a consistent time delay pack to pack, the paper makes good planes... <br/><br/>Don't worry not justifying behaviour, just giving uses for things, that and though smoke is not everyone's favourite smell it has a few helpful uses... Febreeze isn't effective on organic odours but the particles of smoke seem to be, then you febreeze them... <br/><br/><sup>Ps: don't go on holiday before finishing the bread.</sup><br/>
Reason behind the organic odour, first the bag was rolled up so it kind of fermented then eventually made its way out of the bag and stank up the kitchen as well as moulding around the place until it ran out of bread...
Well <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/The_smallest_paper_plane_on_instructables/">here it is</a> I had no reciepts so I just used a rolling paper to keep in lines with the arms race we may have started...<br/><br/><sup>I know...</sup><br/>

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