Step 4: Building for testing

Picture of Building for testing
Finished Unit.jpg
The biggest issue here is that I decided to go full out to the 110VAC version. In retrospect, I should have just used a standard 5v supply and run cords to the SSR. However, I went this way, and a good amount of time was spent making sure that I didn't electrocute myself on exposed wiring.

You can pick up the same case at any home improvement store. I took a Dremel to the front panel to make the cut outs. I'm ashamed to say that I was sober and yet the cuts came out that badly.

So, how do you test this? Having a massive smoker in your house may not be convenient. I used a small Tiffany lamp. Tape your thermocouple above the bulb and maybe throw a cloth over it. This will make debugging the PID loop that much easier.