The SnapAssualt Rifle



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Introduction: The SnapAssualt Rifle

About: Sup fellow K'nexers, my name is Snapfitpieces a.k.a. Joe Cooper. My Top 10 K'nexers: Viccie.B1993 DJ Radio Hiyadudez Oblivitus Selezonia DarthGeckoMan 182515 Knex_Mepalm KnexFreek Jollex

This is my first self designed K'nex Gun, The SnapAssualt Rifle.

Pin Guide
Large Magazine
Fake Barrel
Nice Trigger
Looks Great
Accurate Sights (Courtesy of TheChemiker)

High Piece Count
Sometimes Mag Jams

If you lot all like it enough, I'll consider posting! 




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    cool looking handle the best ive seen so far

    1 reply

    it would make me happy if
    (sorry if i sound mean)\/

    looks nice you should make instructions. whats the range of it ? 5*

    3 replies

    how many elastic bands did it use to get that range

    About 11 lol I had to pull the pin back really hard... e.e

    It looks good! It looks like a few things could be fixed though.

    9 replies

    I mean what do you think i need to fix... :P

    The stock for sure needs fixing, and maybe make the magazine not as thick as the rest of the gun.

    looks a little, not very well made, like, i dunno..

    Haaa i know, i was kidding. this is only like a first version :P

    So you are planning to make a refined version?

    Yh, it'll be much more reliable probably fire different ammo, and I'll do everything I can to the looks. :D