Part 1: Discovery
This project came to me when I stumbled upon a QR Code creator site. For those who don't know, QR stands for Quick Response, and is essentially a very easy to read barcode. I did some more research and soon discovered that a QR Code can link to many different things. 

Part 2: Development
I thought to myself, there has got to be a way to use this. I am a graduating high school senior and had just signed up for summer orientation at my university. So I thought, what if I could use QR to meet new people, instead of handing out a business card or writing my information down, what if the person I met could whip out their smartphone and simply point it at my t-shirt to get my contact info, email address, even friend me on Facebook. 

Part 3: Creation
Well, that's where the Instructables Guide comes in. Please let me know what you think in the comments. 

Step 1: The QR Reader

In order to read the QR Codes on the shirts, you need a smartphone with a QR Reader app. There are many QR Readers for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. Greatest of all, they are all free. For iPhone I would recommend QR Reader , for Android I recommend Barcode Scanner , and I don't have a Blackberry to test this on, however this app  seems pretty solid. Feel free to recommend a QR reader you have had better experience with. Once you have downloaded the app, you can test it out on this. 
It's funny, geeky and graphic, but isn't anyone concerned about privacy issues any more? Just my take.
<p>Its nobody's else's concern. If he wants to show his contact info, let him do it!</p>
Paranoia will get us nowhere! :) <br> <br>Great idea, I think I will use it for my business card though :P
With respect to the Instructbale, I figure that my information can be found anywhere on the internet anyways. With respect to actually wearing this shirt in public, the qr codes are difficult to scan from far away.
I don't think I'd want this on a t-shirt BUT how awesome would it be to have one on a wallet or purse? SO going to do this.
Your email and phone number is scannable from the photo. You should have made a seperate shirt for this instructable....just sayin'
Wow - what a great idea to use for pets!! Now I'm going to have to figure out how to do this....
I scanned all with my cellphone :E<br><br>I used UpCode app (for symbian)
Very cool idea. Let us know how well it works after the orientation.
Thanks! Will do!
I LOVE this idea. We have two boys (dogs) that love to be naughty and run off. With this and a little clear contact paper I was able to create QR codes with more info and adhere it to the back of their id tags. You could also just use two pieces of clear contact paper with the code sandwiched inbetween for a 'soft' id tag. This would be useful if the code, even at it's smallest, is bigger then the ID tag. <br> <br>Wow, I am a geek. What can I make a code for next?
You could also print these out and iron them on to your own t-shirts I'm guessing! I recently added a QR code to my business card. I feel so cutting edge.
I thought a QR code game could be fun:<br> <br> http://einarkramer.22web.net/index.php/nyhetene/52-qr-caching-a-game<br> (URL below)<br>

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