Step 2: Creating the QR Codes

Picture of Creating the QR Codes
After thorough research, the best website I found to create the QR Codes was http://www.qrdvark.com/qr-generator/ . This site gives you the options of a URL, Plain Text, Email, SMS/MMS, Phone Number, Location, Contact, and Calendar Event. In addition, the site also allows you to tweak with Error Correction.

For my shirt, I used 5 QR Codes, Contact, Phone, URL, Email, and SMS

Here is a step-by-step for the 'Contact' QR Code:
1. Under 'Select the type of QR symbol you want to make.' Select 'Contact'
2. For best resolution, you are going to want to choose '500x500' for the 'Image Size'
3. Choose 'H' under 'Error Correction' so that the shirt is easily readable by a phone. 
4. And then simply fill in all of your information under 'Contact.'
5. Then click 'Generate QR Code'
6. Right click the QR code and open in the image in a new tab. 
7. Right click and Save the QR code to an accessible folder

You can repeat the steps using whatever type of QR symbol you want until you are satisfied. 
Colourful3 years ago
I don't think I'd want this on a t-shirt BUT how awesome would it be to have one on a wallet or purse? SO going to do this.