Does your dog ever eat, or chew your socks, well, mine does, Im Macky D and I've created the Sock Ball..... wait, this sounds like the Pack It luch box thingy commerical. Well, you get what I mean through this cheezy advertisement. Heres my instructable on how to keep your dog or dogs happy.

Step 1: The Sock Ball's Inners

1. 3 socks.
2. A tennis ball.
3. Dog treat, optional.
<p>We made something like this in the Army for beating troublemkaers.</p>
This is a great idea, very simple and didn't have to buy anything. A great way to reuse unwanted or unmatched socks.<br><br>I made this for my 2 year old Pitbull. At first he didn't want to touch it, I guess he thought, it was just a sock, but once he was given the go ahead, he was all into it.<br><br>We played fetch, we played tug of war, I turned my back and he destroyed it. I didn't really care because I didn't have to come out my wallet and buy him a toy for him to destroy five minutes later. He had so much fun with it, I made him another one. <br><br>Why didn't I think of this, loved it!
Thank you so much for the kind comment!!!!! My dog loves this too, and I'm glad you liked it too!
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