Lockers just aren't what they used to be. With so many schools moving to electronic devices for books, lockers become less of a space for your books, and more of a question of: "What am I going to do with this?"

What if you could use that space for your own vending machine? In this Instructable, I'll tell you how I came up with the idea, how I designed it, how I solved a few problems along the way, and how it all turned out! So pop open a can of your favorite drink and come along!

Step 1: The Talk

A little less than a year ago, on the way back from lunch to U.S History class, I looked at one of the lockers and thought "how cool would it be to have a vending machine fit entirely inside of a locker?" Shortly after, I mentioned the idea to a few class mates at my table. We then talked about it for a while as a joke, but the further we went on, to me, the idea seemed entirely possible!

I began drawing up rough sketches to the side of whatever assignment we had in front of us. Before going any further, the next day, I brought a measuring tape to the school, and during lunch, I went to the locker to get every measurement I could. A few days later, school was out for the summer.

<p>great i love it </p>
<p>Super cool!</p>
<p>I love these vending/dispenser projects and this is maybe the most awesome one I've seen, well done.</p>
This is absolutely brilliant! There is nothing like it that I have ever seen and this completely unique! He had so many restrictions that most of the other contestants did not; and he overcame! I found out that some of our deployed soldiers are making these and dispensing all sorts of things from them! Brilliant!!
<p>Awesome! I think this deserves to win the contest.</p>
Awesome dude! Just awesome! Good luck.
This is awesome
<p>This is really cool! I'm currently a sophomore in High School, and I am thinking of trying this. Do you have any updates/suggestions for cooling the soda? I'm trying to think of ways, and I'm at a bit of a loss.</p>
<p>I was actually thinking about implementing this: <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Portable-Mini-Refrigerator/" style="">https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Portable-Mini-...</a></p><p>But only when I'm able to buy a locker for home use. Then I could power it from the wall. With the the battery I'm using, it would last only 30 min or so. You'd have to have a much bigger battery and limit the times that the cooling system is on in order for this to work. Depending on what you build it out of, insulation could help too.</p>
You could use dry ice in a well insulated area to cool down the drinks
Nice! I voted. But can you publish the full code you used?
<p>Just did! In the programming step. Hope it helps.</p>
This is an very ingenious idea! What a great thinker. It uses unused space and makes it useful.
Hey this is an awesome project!! Well written description too. I saw this get featured in The Daily Mail (https://www.google.com/amp/www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4161378/amp/Kansas-teen-builds-vending-machine-inside-locker.html?client=safari) and Imgur (http://m.imgur.com/a/FN6Tg) ; it's crazy how this has gotten so many views and shares! Definitely voting??<br>And congrats on the prom date! That promposal is one to beat hahaha
<p>How long did this last before it was shut down?</p>
Wow! Well done!
<p>Can you post the links to the materials you used like the screen and the servos?</p>
<p>Well well done. What a great, innovative project!</p>
<p>I've always wanted to make something like this, like a fridge in my locker. </p>
This is awesome, thanks for sharing.
<p>Awesome. AA++ Idea!</p>
You should add a thermoelectric cooler and some sort of batteries for that. (If it would all fit!)
<p>and then School Admin got wind of your ingenuity and made sure to put a stop to all that knowledge you have.</p>
<p>So cool, I love every little detail about this :D</p>
<p>whoa, I had a thought. What if you tried to build one of these inside a fridge!</p>
<p>WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAA that is so cool. One problem though...</p><p>Wouldn't work in 'Straya...</p><p>If only it could keep the drinks cool...</p>
<p>Hey I saw your post on the front page of imgur! <a href="http://imgur.com/gallery/FN6Tg" rel="nofollow">http://imgur.com/gallery/FN6Tg</a></p><p>You've got like half a million views in less than a day! That's so freaking cool!! I'm very impressed by this! You've got my vote. </p>
<p>That's an incredible idea </p>
Think I would have went with candy or chips, hot soda is no Bueno. Awesome work though, got my vote. Deodorant would be a good seller too I'm thinking, I use to hate getting to school and then remembering I forgot to put it on, rushing to be on time. Lmao.
<p>This is pretty neat! Voted.</p>
<p>Voted,this is great project.</p>
<p>Voted, Thanks again for the tip on the static protection. Such a cool project, cant wait to see your next one.</p>
<p>So wait, is the school administration chill with you doing this or is it more of an under the table thing?</p>
How much did the project cost ? As I am thinking of doing it myself however I live in the UK so how would I go about the different currency
<p>Let me think out loud for a bit:</p><p>3D printing: $20</p><p>Acrylic: $60</p><p>Arduino (Clone): $15</p><p>Wood: Pretty much free with as little as I used</p><p>Coin acceptor: $20</p><p>LCD Screen: $12</p><p>Battery: $17</p><p>Other (charger, key-lock, magnets, reed switch ect): $20?</p><p>Sorry this is such a guesstimate, but about $160?</p>
I could see making money from this. If I ever get the chance, I may do something similar.
<p>Outstanding! You did learn a lot and you taught me a lot too. And I'm old! Thanks for posting!</p>
No problem! Thanks for the comment.
Wow this is truly an incredible vending machine!
Thanks buddy
This is a beautiful combination of creativity and engineering. Great work, you really thought of everything and created a professional looking project. Sounds like you had a lot of fun, keep it up!
Thank you so much!
How did the prom thing go?
She said yes! :)
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