This is a larger version of The Solar Baby that was in another instructable i did a while back.  This one cooks better than the last one and can cook larger meals. It seals better and has better insulation. It has the curved back and pivoting sun finding system same as the Solar Baby.The hinged lid/reflector has removable pins and can be removed and inverted over the oven for a smaller stowage area which makes it good for RV ing  The size of your oven depends on the size of the tempered glass you have.

Step 1:

     I have cooked many meals on this oven while traveling. It cooks a great loaf of bread, I can cook a whole chicken in a couple hours. Keeps over 300 degrees on a sunny day. Easy to open, just lock pin in upright position and open.
<p>Hehe! just commented on your previous version. Nice improvement on a nice design. </p>
<p>Saw your original Solar Baby and thought it was great, you've gone one better and done a fantastic job improving on your initial design.</p>
<p>At 300 degrees, do you need to use a special type of glass? Doesn't the wood burn at that temperature?</p>
<p>GREAT skills u have!!! Thank YOU!!!!!!!</p>
<p>Nice design. Best I have seen in awhile. The pictures are great. Do wish this was more of an instructable with actual measurements on the sample shown. I understand it depends on what size glass you use, but a reference point in dimensions of parts is a good start on the above sample oven. Thanks for the instructable.</p>
<p>Just great! Nice work. </p>
nice !
nice !
sorry ment bead glass not low e glass opsite uses again sorry
not sure a fresnel lens is a good idea it mite focus the heat in an area that is to small but if u can fiend low e bead glass that would realy heat it up but eather way a realy well made and well thought out designe great job
Nice design. How hot was the weather when you were getting 300 degrees temperature and how long did it take?
thanks, When I was in Arizona it got up to 140 degrees when it was 85 outside. In washington at 70 degrees I still got 300 to 325 on a sunny day.
Sorry that should read 340 degrees in Arizona. <br>
how many babies can u cook at once
my record is 13. 19 if you count the ones i had on the dehydrator. But it took a lot of prep work.
Comments like this make me sick! You are obviously full of bull. Old pennywise wanted to know how many can you cook at once. To answer your question, I would imagine only one unless we are talking about premies then possibly two.
Excellent craftmanship. Keep bringing good things our way! <br>I can see you really give some thought to your projects. <br> <br>Question how does the Gorrilla glue hold up to the heat?
Thanks. The Gorilla glue has been working great for this project. The glue isn't in contact with any of the heat.
A fresnel lens in the top of the reflector should really heat things up.
Great photos, too!
What a good design!

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