Step 3:

   The reflectors are 1/8 plywood set at a 60 degree angle. Beveled edged for a good Gorrilla Glue seam. Glued on aluminum foil. Glued the reflectors to picture frame. Used 2 removable pin hinges and 2 latches between wood picture frame and curved box.
<p>Nicely done. I have been putting off trying one of these. I think you gave me the motivation I needed. I like the use of the roller grill suspended inside. Good job!</p>
<p>Nice design, be great if you could put some plans out.</p>
Great job ! <br>Well explained. <br>Makes it very tempting and yummy !&hellip; <br>Now let's visit Solar Baby n&deg;2 <br> <br>(had already visited the cardboard version page : shows your projects are real catches !)
Very nice model. I am from Netherland but live in the Philippines and cook almost every day if we have sun in my simple solarcooker. <br>I cook rice, potatoes, banana, meat but can not fry in the one I use. <br> <br>Look for more about the solarcooking <br>http://solarcooking.wikia.com/wiki/Solar_Cookers_World_Network_(Home)
This set-up is very clever. You have rather less writen instructions than I expected, but you made up for it in very well thought out pictures. I had to search back and forth in the pictures to see how you hung the tray to hold the food. At first I thought it should be easily seen in the picture with the bread in it, but I can't see it there, then I found a peek at it in the picture where you have the top tilted forward for loading. <br>Thank you for taking the time to post this for us.
What did you bake in there ? Looks delicious ;)

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