HELLO THERE. if you were looking for an easy way to make a jack-o-lantern that lowers the risk of pumpkin fires, and lights itself at night, then congrats! here it is!

//thanks to pcapelo for letting me do this instructable. :) i thought of the idea three days ago, then found out that he already did something kind of similar to this... i got permission from him to do this. if you have an extra solar torch, go to his instructable and make a shhnaazzyy lantern!

here goes my very first instructable.

Step 1: Get Your Materials!!

Things you will need:

-a pumpkin
-carving utensils
-a solar powered garden light
-the sun

that's a pretty awesome use of a solar lamp
thanks! i actually wondered why no one else did it... (besides pcapelo, except his wasnt a real pumpkin...? who knows.
That garden light has a LED in it? De-solder it and solder a yellow diode on, or put a yellow glass or plastic in front of it, to make it look more realistic! ;)
haha yea. the light is white so its not your typical jack-o-lantern! i would say to color the led or put colored celophane or osmething around the lihgt so it would be a different color. id go for red, then spray paint the pumpkin silver and make it a robot! -_-

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