Picture of The Solar Powered Jack-o-Lantern! (yay)
HELLO THERE. if you were looking for an easy way to make a jack-o-lantern that lowers the risk of pumpkin fires, and lights itself at night, then congrats! here it is!

//thanks to pcapelo for letting me do this instructable. :) i thought of the idea three days ago, then found out that he already did something kind of similar to this... i got permission from him to do this. if you have an extra solar torch, go to his instructable and make a shhnaazzyy lantern!

here goes my very first instructable.
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Step 1: Get your Materials!!

Picture of Get your Materials!!
Things you will need:

-a pumpkin
-carving utensils
-a solar powered garden light
-the sun


Step 2: Take Apart Solar Torch

Picture of Take Apart Solar Torch
Actually, you're not really taking it apart completely, just separate the metal stand from the rest of it and you're left with the solar cell "UFO" and the glass bowl thing attached under it.

but if you want, the top should twist off really easily so that you end up with the "UFO" and LED thing at the bottom (like the third picture). if not, then that's what hammers are for.
that's a pretty awesome use of a solar lamp
alvincredible (author)  -insertnamehere-7 years ago
thanks! i actually wondered why no one else did it... (besides pcapelo, except his wasnt a real pumpkin...? who knows.
shikarirock7 years ago
That garden light has a LED in it? De-solder it and solder a yellow diode on, or put a yellow glass or plastic in front of it, to make it look more realistic! ;)
alvincredible (author)  shikarirock7 years ago
haha yea. the light is white so its not your typical jack-o-lantern! i would say to color the led or put colored celophane or osmething around the lihgt so it would be a different color. id go for red, then spray paint the pumpkin silver and make it a robot! -_-