The SolidEye Prop Project From MGS4


Introduction: The SolidEye Prop Project From MGS4

I started this project maybe a month or so before actually picking the game up.  This is what  I have so far it's still kind of a work in progress. We'll add more pictures and a better indestructible so... Then again, even looking at this is somewhat self-explanatory lol. In order to get the general shape of the solid eye, I went to a  youtube video, paused it, and traced it plain and simple. As you can see gorilla glue was my choice as well as cardboard pieces and newspaper. I mean not really much to work with material wise but I think I do pretty good with the projects that have so far. More to come soon thanks and please comment. 



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    ps: I ve been coming to this site for a looonnngg time so Im not so fresh with setting all this up and the proper way to do it all. Simply put, Im showing what I do in my free time (which isnt much) and I only seek to inspire along the way.

    i just typed solideye in youtube and its from the game metal gear solid. some eyepatch prop eye guess.... got it? eye guess?? lol i suck at being funny!

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    exactly then paused the video and traced the shape from my screen

    its not at all self explanatory, I can't even figure out what it is or what its for

    What's SolidEye?